Healthy for Life

Although exercise and eating habits are the cornerstones of health, there are many other crucial pieces of the wellness puzzle

Illustration by Christine Beauregard

Illustration by Christine Beauregard

Even the most dedicated, experienced athlete could dedicate his or her life to healthy eating and consistent exercise, yet find him or herself lacking basic elements of wellness. Neglect the mental aspects of health, and you might find yourself extremely fit yet emotionally unsound. Neglect your sleep and everyday habits, and you won’t have enough energy or focus to dedicate yourself to the other aspects of wellness.

Long story short: Complete health requires long-term dedication and constant monitoring. It’s important to be aware as new research and practices develop every day. Denver Life Magazine took a snapshot of up-to-date, complete wellness to inspire our readers to focus on the big picture. We hope you glean a couple takeaway action points for your everyday life, so you can take another step in the direction of wholeness.