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The Vail Vitality Center helps athletes and amateurs alike grow on their wellness journey

Yoga is one of the many group classes available at Vail Vitality Center

Yoga is one of the many group classes available at Vail Vitality Center

Vail is obviously home to a highly acclaimed ski resort as well as many year-round activities, but what many have yet to discover is the Vail Vitality Center (VVC). Located in the lower level of Vail Mountain Lodge on the East side of the ski town, the staff at VVC make differences and change lives one rep at a time.

For those who want to work with one of VVC’s highly trained, award-winning personal trainers, the process is straightforward; diagnose, train, recover and educate. Before you begin your journey, it is important to determine, or diagnose, where your body is starting with the InBody 320 Body Composition Analysis. Just by standing on this machine, holding its “arms” and entering basic information, such as gender, height and age, it is able to read your body composition including your water content, body fat mass, percentage of body fat, target weight and more. If you are interested in a more detailed analysis, they can even test you—on a different machine—down to the molecule and exactly how you burn calories and fat.

Before you take on a personal trainer, get tested on the Functional Movement Screening. After this series of lunges, plank extensions and squats, your trainer will know exactly which muscles are your weakest in order to perfect your form and elevate your workout. After this analysis, I discovered that my chronic headaches may actually be caused by my weak thoracic spine. With the knowledge you gain from these tests, your workout can be designed specifically to your needs. By perfecting something as simple as your squat movements, you can utilize the right muscles and get a more efficient workout.

The personal trainers at VVC are the best in their field and have worked with some of the top athletes of our time yet can translate that knowledge in layman’s terms. They push you just enough so that you feel your muscles getting stronger. As my VVC trainer, Blake Gould, says, “I am going to have you work hard, but not to the point of throwing up.” You know something is working when you leave a workout happier than when you arrived despite the fact that your legs feel like jelly. VVC attendees can take advantage of all of the skills these trainers offer in a group setting with one of the several classes offered, from Solar Flow Yoga and ZUMBA to Outdoor Intervals and Outdoor Full Body Training.

After all the hard work you put in for a couple days or months, take time to recover at the Spa at Vail Mountain Lodge. The signature treatments and facials are performed by knowledgeable staff who will take you to a new level of relaxation and help you recover faster.

The culinary options in Vail are boundless. Many use natural ingredients, but my favorites include Sweet Basil, Matsuhisa and Terra Bistro, the latter located in the Vail Mountain Lodge. Vail is such a stunning place to be active. Next time you are in the Vail Valley area, take a step forward on the path to wellness at the Vail Vitality Center. You will leave feeling like your best self.

The Vail Valley is home to Howard Head Sports Medicine as well as the nonprofit, Steadman Philippon Research Institute. Thanks to the latter’s research studies and the former’s physical therapy program, the two organizations help patients fully recover from a huge variety of injuries. Both are world-renowned facilities known for their extensive research in the prevention and treatment of orthopedic injuries.

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