It’s All in the Family

The Bachus family delivers double the joy through their Denver-based nonprofits

Photography: KB Digital Designs

Photography: KB Digital Designs

There are countless individuals and couples within the Denver community that are working together to make a difference in the lives of others around them. A couple that stands out is Jessica and Kyle Bachus. You may be familiar with Kyle from the Bachus & Schanker commercials on TV. He and his wife are making a difference in today’s society as a result of their own trials, tribulations and experiences.

Seven and a half years ago Jessica and her husband were faced with the loss of their daughter Kenzi as a stillborn six months into the pregnancy. This utterly heartbreaking loss is painful and while nothing will ever change how a mother and father love their children, the tragic loss brought about a nonprofit that is creating glee among other less fortunate children and their families through Dolls for Daughters (DFD). Jessica was looking for ways to cope with the loss of her little girl so close to the holidays. “I was struggling with a way to enjoy the holidays,” says Jessica. Jessica decided that she wanted to give children in Denver the same opportunity her living children would have, a Christmas with new presents. After watching a mother and her children pick out their toys Jessica was immediately moved. “It was the first time I thought, from our loss someone else was benefitting and that their daughter was going to have a merry Christmas, “says Jessica.

The first year Jessica and Dolls for Daughters collected 100-150 brand new toys to donate to local charities. The second year they gathered 500-600 toys. Each year more toys are collected and even more volunteers are donating their time to ensure that other families would have a merry Christmas. Since 2009 when DFD became an official nonprofit, they have given over 59,000 items. Today, DFD has its annual Toyshop on the first Saturday of December where families can come and pick out new toys for their children. This year they expect between 250 and 350 people to volunteer at the Toyshop. Jessica knew she wanted a toyshop where she could actively watch as she and volunteers made a difference and served those in their community. “That is the magic of giving is being able to see the families that you are impacting,” says Jessica.

Kyle Bachus, Jessica’s Husband, has also been very active in the community. While most of us recognize him as one of the head attorneys at Bachus & Schanker, we do not have a complete understanding that he and his staff have a passion for helping those who are in need one way or another.

It was after 9/11 that Kyle was presented the opportunity to help provide his legal services to a first responder of the tragic event. “After 9/11 there was a national program, the American association of justice, that was put together to provide free legal services to the victims of 9/11,” says Kyle. His services to the EMT resulted in millions of dollars for the victim and his family. “It was a great experience, I made a lifelong friend.”

Kyle continued to give back to his community after his experience. It was in 2009 that Bachus & Schanker created The Bachus & Schanker Cares Foundation (BSCF). Funded in total by the lawfirm, the BSCF provides support to member of their community and foundations that their clients belong to and foundations that the lawyers feel strongly about. The BSCF is run by a committee of lawyers who work together to decide where their funds and time is best spent. They have contributed their time and money to organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Habitat for Humanity, A Walk to Remember and more. There have been 350,000 dollars in direct donations since 2009 and hundreds of hours donated each year by employees.

Jessica and Kyle Bachus pose for a family portrait with their three living children. Photography: Katie Brewer

Jessica and Kyle Bachus pose for a family portrait with their three living children. Photography: Katie Brewer

Together, Jessica and Kyle have had to face challenges not parent ever wants to experience but have risen above these trials to become the caring and giving couple that they are today. With two organizations that give back to those in their community, Dolls for Daughters and The Bachus & Schanker Care Foundations, they are taking the initiative and making lasting changes in the lives of the people around them.

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Dolls for Daughters is always looking for donations and volunteers. Volunteer spaces fill quickly, so check out the website to see how you can get involved. | 720.722.3493
Bachus & Schanker Cares Foundation

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