The Gift of Giving

Helping the community through family traditions

Illustration by Amanda Lenz

Illustration by Amanda Lenz

The holidays abound with opportunities to give. The familiar jingle of Salvation Army bells are a staple of the season and a reminder that this time of year is about more than shopping or making end-of-year deadlines. Large boxes stationed in malls and grocery stores communicate the familiar message that Denverites are surrounded by people in need and this is the time of year to help them.

It’s easy to get so caught up in running errands and wrapping gifts that these calls for giving blend into the background noise of a hectic season. It’s also tempting for moms and dads to write a check to a charity or drop a toy in a collection box without thinking of the impact that giving can have on their own children. For parents who grumble that their family doesn’t spend enough quality time together or their teenagers are too busy taking selfies to act responsible at home, giving back as a family offers a satisfying and meaningful solution.

Denverites are lucky when it comes to opportunities to give. Numerous charities are headquartered in Colorado, and families can discover nonprofits that align with their particular interests because of this diversity of local offerings. If a family loves to exercise, explore nature, support art, care for animals or make an impact on people who live a world away, Denver has a nonprofit that will work with them.

The presence of so many nonprofits in our midst reminds us that our community has needs year-round and establishing a lasting relationship with a local charity may be just the tradition that a family needs at the holidays and throughout the year.

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