Caving In: Salt Cave Spa

Refresh with a few shakes…of salt

5_Star Salt Mines

Courtesy 5 Star Salt Caves

So, the whole exercising through the holidays plan didn’t work out. The moment the decision was made to ignore Runkeeper’s reminders that you hadn’t been on a jaunt in five days was an elated one. Now, though, you’re back at work, your body appears to be on strike, and, we hate to break it to you, but constantly checking the break room for those holiday treats isn’t going to make them magically reappear.

We’ve all been there, but the start of a new year is the perfect time to remember that, to stay healthy, you have to give your body some attention. And, with 5 Star Salt Caves, a new Wash Park wellness center that gives Denver its first Himalayan salt cave, you can bounce your body back to normal during your lunch break.

“You can take some time to sit, breathe, relax and not rush right to the next thing,” says CFO Markus Bohunovsky. And by sit, Bohunovsky literally means sit. To partake in salt therapy, also known as halotherapy, simply sit in a room filled with pure, all-natural salt and breathe.

A Himalayan salt cave is what it sounds like: a cave-like room covered in pink Himalayan salt. The walls and ceiling are made from rocks and cubes of the stuff, while the floor is covered in tiny pieces that feel like sand under your feet. Lounge chairs cover the circumference of the room and the ambiance is calm with dim lights and soft music. “We want this to feel like a retreat center,” says CEO Stephanie Pham.

And while it is a simple relaxation avenue, there are health benefits, too. Halotherapy is said to treat various respiratory diseases, and research has shown it can help in the rehabilitation of patients with lung diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.

Health benefits are actually what got Pham and Bohunovsky into the business. They first heard about the caves from Bohunovsky’s parents, whom the couple was visiting in Vienna. He had begun to get a scratchy throat and, owning a software company at the time, couldn’t afford to be sick. So, even though they thought it sounded strange, Pham and Bohunovsky booked a session.

“His mom said there were a ton of health benefits, and described it as having the feeling of being at the ocean for three days,” Pham says. After three visits, Bohunovsky’s symptoms disappeared.

The salt works because of its anti-bacterial properties. The key is using completely pure, all-natural salt. “As you breathe the salt in and out, it draws out toxins through your lungs,” Bohunovsky says. “The salt attracts toxins both through the anti-bacterial properties of the salt and through negative ions the tiny salt particles put into the air.”

Other spa treatments available at 5 Star Salt Caves include infrared sauna, ionic detox footbath, energy healing, chiropractic adjustments and aromatherapy. “De-stressing is the big factor here,” Pham says.

722 S. Pearl St. / 855.578.2725
Open Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Each salt cave session is 50 minutes long, at $35 per visit.


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