Revolutionary Eating: Q&A with Rebel Restaurant

From smoked rabbit to half roasted pig heads, Rebel Restaurant is serving up some interesting eats and convincing us to dine rebelliously with them.

Rebel Restaurant

Tucked into northern Denver, Rebel Restaurant is an adventure in unusual tastes and flavors. Courtesy Rebel Restaurant

Opening a little over 6 months ago, the downtown Rebel Restaurant has been making quite a stir. From unusual cuisine to an innovative dining setting, the culinary artists behind the eatery have been sculpting the Denver dining experience in a most rebellious way. We had the opportunity to speak with Chef and Co-owner Dan Lasiy, to learn more about Rebel Restaurant and its brave bites.

What’s the concept behind the restaurant?

We, Chef and Co-Owner Bo Porytko and I, wanted to do the opposite of every restaurant we worked at, so something that’s fun, unique and interesting to us; a place we would want to eat at. [We wanted to] keep it different and be true to ourselves rather than put up a facade as something that would sell.

Online, you describe the goal of the restaurant as having adventurous bites. What does that mean exactly?

That’s actually multifaceted; adventurous being keeping the theme with things that we would like to eat. A lot of it focuses on underutilized cuts of meat, but there are really no limits, which is why we made the restaurant the way it is. As long as it tastes good, it will be on our menu.

How do you create your dishes?

A lot of it is inspiration, accumulating knowledge throughout the years, reading up and fully consuming. When we go out to eat, we’re constantly looking at recipes and ideas; it never stops. Every chef I know carries around a notebook and jots down ideas when it strikes. We just do what we’re inspired to do.

What is your favorite dish on the menu right now?

Honestly, it would be the most simple dish on the menu, the whole baked sourdough. And the only reason is because I love bread. It’s one of those foods that’s comforting, good, cheesy and just hits all those good spots: Not everything we do is adventurous

How has business been so far?

Right now its really good. People are catching on. We’re getting a lot of really good feedback, and these last months, we’ve been jammed. Its been busy.

Are there any new menu or event releases on the calendar?

Again, there are really no limits. We love uncommon things, but it’s pretty seasonal … We are thinking, in springtime or early summer, of having a festival parking lot party at the restaurant where we’d shut it down and have a cook off. We’d roast whole animals and have music and dancing. We think that’d be really awesome.

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