Denver Date Nite

Date night consultant Gretchen Bartek gives couples a night on the town like they’ve never had before.


Couple Jamie and Angie Kelly on a Gretchen Bartek-planned date. Courtesy Gretchen Bartek

It can be easy to get stuck in a routine of doing the same thing for date night. We know: between kids and work all that creative juice just gets tapped out. But with Denver Date Nite, a new date planning service, Owner Gretchen Bartek can spice up that special evening with a personalized night out planned by her, for you.

Intrigued? Bartek shares with us how her own date nights inspired her business, what makes her service unique and more.

When did Denver Date Nite first start?

We officially launched in October of last year. My husband and I run a real estate investment company, and before that I was doing finance.

What inspired the idea for Denver Date Nite?

I’ve always done a ton of research for dates with my husband—once we’d been married a few years it felt like we were always going to the same places and doing the same things, and I would research like crazy for all these offbeat places. Then it turned into our friends calling and wanting to tag along to the things we were doing, which kind of snowballed into my husband’s friends calling wanting me to plan a date for them and their wives. I just loved it so much that I thought, “We could make a business out of this.”

What are your goals for the service?

I’m branching out into the tourist segment; we have such a huge tourist boom here—over 14 million people came to visit in 2014 alone. Other than that, I’ve really tried to work specifically with small boutique hotels. I just met with the Crawford last week and I really want to touch that client base. I also love the millennials. They get me, see the value and want the new experiences of something unique and different, so that’s really who I’m reaching out to as far as the local population goes. But I’m open to everybody.

What makes your date itineraries so unique?

I don’t want your date to ever be something that you have tried before. In fact, I hope that you’ve never even heard of the places I give you. I also try to stay on top of the new, up-and-coming neighborhoods—RiNo is one of my favorites right now. On the weekends, I pick a neighborhood and I walk it street by street and write down everything. I talk to the business owners and I try new places. It’s all about personalizing it to you.

What is an example of one of your date nights?

I just did one for a couple in their late 30s who have been married about seven years. They really just wanted to break out of their shell and try something new. They had done the downtown thing, but they had never really tried the RiNo thing, so that’s where I sent them.

They told me they were from Michigan, so I sent them to Stem Ciders to do a tasting because I love the ciders, but also because the people who started it are Michigan boys and they grew up working at the cider mill near where my clients had grown up: I was able to give them a personal connection. I like to keep everything within walking distance if I can, so after that I sent them down to Sushi-Rama, which is brand new, and they loved that—they had never done the whole conveyor belt experience. Then I sent them to Night Bazaar and I told them to get drinks, do a little shopping and sit around the fire pit. On their way home they would be passing D Bar, so I had to send them there for dessert.

How does one sign up for a date night?

You just go to our website,, and when you select the package that works best for you a questionnaire will automatically pop up. It’s real quick and only takes about five minutes, but it gives me a good idea of what kind night you’re looking for. And that’s it. You’re done; I take care of the rest.

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