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Pictured are Amanda Marolt,  Customer Care Specialist & Design Consultant; David Rote, Design Manager; and Pam Marolt, Owner & Design Coordinator for the Bassett Home Furnishings Lone Tree, Colorado Showroom. Bassett Furniture is an 115 year old company specializing in custom American-made furniture. In the past ten years, the locally owned Lone Tree showroom, which specializes in residential interior design, has completed hundreds of major projects in Colorado, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

We sat down with Amanda, David and Pam to hear more about their design inspiration and challenges they’ve faced throughout their careers:

DLM: What excites you about working on the 2016 Designer Showhouse?
BF: We were immediately drawn to a child’s bedroom for our design project! Children’s room are just plain fun! They are one of the few spaces in a home that not only allow fantasy and imagination to flourish; but they also clearly tell a story about the person who lives there!

DLM: What was your design inspiration for your space?
BF: Braxton, a cute 5 year old boy who loves the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. He is a pretty picky kid (design-wise), who likes contemporary furniture (like his mom’s)!

DLM: What is the element in your space that you’re most excited about?
BF: A series of 15 skeleton study prints, dinosaur bones & fossils, and a new contemporary bedroom collection from Bassett that was just previewed at Highpoint.

DLM: What is your biggest design accomplishment?
BF: Thousands of happy customers living in beautiful rooms that we have decorated.

DLM: What is the biggest design challenge you’ve had in your career?
BF: We had one day to remove wallpaper, paint, clean and completely furnish & accessorize four living spaces for a battered women’s shelter. The location was secret for security reasons and we were overwhelmed when the women cried at the “reveal” of their new home.

DLM: If you could design any space, what/where would it be?
BF: Every space is special and unique, no two projects are alike. The pleasure of our business and design is being able to take any space large or small and give it a new and fresh look. There can be no greater feeling than knowing you have accomplished what your client envisioned from the being to end.

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