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Kim Layne – Kim Layne Interiors


For over 15 years, Kim Layne has been working as a sought after design partner to architects, builders and her loyal clients. Kim’s background is a perfect combination of business and design, making her a skillful manager of large-and-small-scale projects. She seamlessly creates beautiful results with a smooth and streamlined process.

Kim let us in on her biggest design accomplishments as well as her inspiration for this year’s Designer Showhouse:

DLM: What excites you about working on the 2016 Designer Showhouse?
KL: I am so excited to work on Designer Showhouse and be a part of an event that showcases Denver’s wonderful design talent.  It’s great to work side-by-side with so many talented designers!

DLM: What was your design inspiration for your space?
KL: The design inspiration for the office space was the desire to create a rich, colorful and glamorous work space that would energize your workday!

DLM: What is the element in your space that you’re most excited about?
KL: I am most excited about the amazing artwork created by Pat Finley.

DLM: What is your biggest design accomplishment?
KL: My biggest design accomplishment is winning the loyalty of the clients, architects and builders that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. Those relationships are what make the design projects successful and enjoyable!

DLM: What is the biggest design challenge you’ve had in your career?
KL: Designing and speaking about design on television – It sure adds a lot of nerves to the process!

DLM: If you could design any space, what/where would it be?
KL: If I could design any space it would be a beach cottage. I love the colors that reflect from the ocean and environment around it. Clear, crisp and rich with color!


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