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lulu’s is a Colorado company, owned and operated by Denver natives, Christy Vranesic Brant and Caitlin Brant Marsh.  Their innovative, yet classic style, and non-threatening interior design approach, sets them apart from the typical furniture store.  With well-curated brands, affordable custom options, and a store full of gift ideas, lulu’s has something for everyone.

DLM: What excites you about working on the 2016 Designer Showhouse?
Lulu’s: Having the opportunity to work with Caylin Engle and Caliber Construction is one of the most exciting aspects of being a part of the 2016 Designer Showhouse.  We got to know Caylin and her parents when they became customers and friends, after shopping at lulu’s, so this is an honor.  We also love being a part of restoring and updating the old, and seeing the house come to life from its bare bones is very cool.

DLM: What was your design inspiration for your space?
Lulu’s: The design inspiration for the two bedrooms came from our store.  We spend a lot of time and effort scouring the design world, always looking for new trends, new designers, companies, and manufacturers, and new ideas.

DLM: What is the element in your space that you’re most excited about?
Lulu’s: Since we were fortunate enough to get two rooms, we are most excited to show two bedrooms and how different they are, to reflect their space.

DLM: What is your biggest design accomplishment?
Lulu’s: Our biggest design accomplishment would be our store.  Being in business since 2007 has not been easy, but we have been able to grow not only our retail part of our business, but our design aspect as well.  Our store showroom is in a constant state of flux, with pieces coming and going, and being able to make that look good, (most of the time!) is very satisfying, and reflective of what may be done in client’s homes as well.

DLM: What is the biggest design challenge you’ve had in your career?
Lulu’s: Our biggest design challenge has been simply getting the word out that we do indeed help with design.  We like to say we are non-threatening, as we like to work with a client in a helpful and suggestive manner, listening to what they want in their house, and not forcing our ideas and tastes on anyone, and working with what they have and the character of their space.

DLM: If you could design any space, what/where would it be?
Lulu’s: If we could design any space we would really like to delve deeper into commercial projects and would be very interested in taking an old building and turning it into a restaurant space.  We both very much appreciate the integrity of old buildings and the charm that comes from them, which is another reason we are excited to be involved with this 2016 Showhouse.


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