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Pamela Chelle is a licensed interior designer specializing in custom residential and commercial design.  Our company’s initial goal in the design process is always to gain a true understanding of our client, and gather enough information to truly cater and design to each client’s individual aesthetic and lifestyle.  Our end goal in the design process is always the same – designing inspirational, livable spaces that truly function, and are the envy of your friends.

Pamela sat down to fill us in on what excited her about the 2016 Designer Showhouse project and what her biggest career challenge has been:

DLM: What excites you about working on the 2016 Designer Showhouse?
PC: Wash Park is currently one of the hottest neighborhoods in Denver, and has so much to offer with a sense of community.  Being part of the Designer Showhouse in such a great location this year will only bring additional exposure and financial support to Habitat for Humanity, I am thrilled to be involved in supporting such a great program with the backing of a thriving and growing local magazine.

DLM: What was your design inspiration for your space?
PC: My inspiration was based on the idea of serenity.  I wanted to create a guestroom where any guest would feel completely relaxed, while having all of the amenities you may find in a resort hotel – a lovely desk, comfortable reading area, fabulous lighting, luxurious throws and accent pillows, etc.

DLM: What is the element in your space that you’re most excited about?
PC: The element of surprise at every turn in this room excites me the most.  I’m thrilled about how much program I was able to fit within a small amount of square footage.

DLM: What is your biggest design accomplishment?
PC: I am most proud of the fact that I have become an advocate for my clients, from the beginning of their construction process, until the last pillow is placed.  Having spent much of my career involved in the construction and architectural aspects of projects has really elevated my ability to design and understand how every construction and architectural related decision will affect the interior design outcome.

DLM: What is the biggest design challenge you’ve had in your career?
PC: One major factor currently influencing clients is the need for instant gratification.  Design is a process, and should be thoroughly developed and always progressing, but never rushed.  I am a firm believer in developing a thought out design that really caters to each client from all angles.  The quick-fix, or cookie-cutter design, or grab-bag shopping design solution is rarely successful.  Once each client understands this it makes for such a stronger collaboration and design in the end.

DLM: If you could design any space, what/where would it be?
PC: I would love to build and design a modern off-the-grid retreat at the brow of an amazing Colorado mountain backdrop, with nothing but amazing views and simplistic elements of luxury.  A place where you could really get away for a retreat, and wouldn’t feel like you were missing anything.


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