Do The Wave: How to Get an Overnight ‘Do

Take it easy with an of-the-moment messy ’do


Emily Weinkauf has just the tips for this look. Courtesy Bumble & Bumble

Remember the advice that leaving your hair braided overnight would result in a luxurious, wavy look come morning? Or the tip to simply scrunch and skip brushing to get curls that hold? Nope, didn’t work for us either. “Easy does it” has never been very, well, easy to come by. But the messy look is in this fall, so we asked Emily Weinkauf, beauty expert and lead stylist at Clementine’s Salon in Denver, to show us how to get the hair in just a few trouble-free steps—and make it last for up to three days. Your next Instagram tag: #iwokeupthisway.

Sleep on it. To get started, wash your hair with texturizing or volumizing shampoo and conditioner the night before. Let your locks air dry and add a thermal protectant. If you like to use a mousse for texture and volume, work that in, too. Then simply head to bed with your hair down, or in a loose twisted bun; both will start creating texture. (Weinkauf recommends putting your hair up if your natural texture is really curly.)

Curl right up. The next morning, add a texturizing spray or dry shampoo if your hair feels limp. Next, separate your hair into two large top and bottom layers. Separate each into 1- to 2-inch subsections, 1 inch for thick hair and 2 inches for finer hair. Then, curl each subsection with a wand, leaving the bottom inch of hair free of heat. Getting spirals? Your subsection is too small. Not waving at all? Too big. Wait at least one minute for your hair to set and cool, spray on texture spray and run your fingers through your tresses. Have a short bob? Weinkauf says to leave the bottom section of hair alone; the pieces will get covered by your top curls anyway and could create too much bulk.

Wand tips. According to Weinkauf, there are three curling rules:First, point the barrel so it faces down and the handle is above your head. (Curl sections closest to your face away from the face.) Second, use the wand’s highest setting; doing so almost guarantees you’ll need to curl each section only once, causing less damage. And three, don’t curl without product—the heat will damage your hair.

Make it last. On day one, make the curls slightly tight and finish by running your fingers through. On day two, texturize and build body with dry shampoo, then brush out with a paddle brush. On day three, use more dry shampoo.

Emily Weinkauf is the lead stylist at Clementine’s Salon, 2009 W. 33rd Ave. / 720.328.3594

ONE MORE THING… To keep moisture in your hair all season long, deep condition once a week. To do the treatment at home, apply conditioner and wrap your hair in a hot, just-out-of-the-dryer towel. Let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse.



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