How to Keep Your Health on Track Through the Holidays

Stay in shape with these easy-to-follow tips


One goal to set, says Rebel Workout owner Melissa Levy, is to not miss a workout. Courtesy The Rebel Workout

Overindulgence. From decadent meals to holiday parties and family commitments, it’s easy to let your health routine go down the drain in November and December, and regret it come January. Stay committed to your goals with these five simple tips (that you’ve probably heard before) from Melissa Levy, the owner of The Rebel Workout, and a test that can tell you just what your body needs.

1 Stay hydrated: Drink lots of water. Hunger pangs are often confused with dehydration symptoms; drinking a full glass of water before you eat will help stop you from overeating. And, obviously, it’ll help with that hangover.

2 Avoid processed sugar: We know, a hard one. But Levy says this sugar is going to fill your system with trash, slow down your metabolism and give you a sugar hangover that’ll take days to get over, so it’s worth eating in moderation. In other words, go ahead and have a piece of Grandma’s pie that you’ve been waiting for all year, just don’t eat the whole thing.

3 Eat good fats: Eggs (including theyolks), coconut oil, avocados, grass-fed butter and raw nuts and seeds will keep you fuller, longer. Plus your energy will be up—New Year’s snack alert!

4 Sleep: Don’t forget to rest. Sleeping enables your body to recover and fix what needs to be fixed. Lack of it makes you more likely to eat junk and exercise less.

5 Don’t miss your workouts: Exercise tends to fall to the bottom of your to-do list when there are other fun things happening, but Levy says you won’t regret making it a priority. And with workouts like HIIT training, you’ll have your daily sweat sessions over in no time. 

Looking for a more unconventional way to be sure you’re giving your system what it needs? Local wellness and weight-management clinic, PlainSmart, offers DNA testing that examines your “metabolic markers” and tells you the optimal way to lose weight from your genetic makeup. This unique program of weight management is based on their findings that your genes can affect weight gain and loss.

“Weight loss is a personal journey, and nothing is as personal as DNA. So we recognized it was time to bring them together for the best possible weight-management outcome,” says Jonathan Harding, president and COO.

The test determines the following three things:

1 How you process macronutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and how to properly proportion them within a nutrition plan
2 Your ideal intensity and duration of physical activity for weight, energy and overall health
3 What your tendency to develop and maintain healthy eating habits is

Here’s a happy, healthy holidays!


**Correction: There was a typo for metabolic markers that has now been corrected.

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