New Noosa Flavors Get to the Tart of the Matter


Noosa’s newest flavors are tart and sweet. Courtesy Noosa Yoghurt

With yogurt sales projected to have hit $9.1 billion in 2016, there’s a pretty good chance your next trip to the grocery store will include a stop at the dairy aisle for the treat. Some flavors you should try? Noosa Yoghurt‘s three new globally-inspired launches: Orange & Ginger, Strawberry & Hibiscus and Pear & Cardamom.

The tart and sweet flavors pair the Colorado company’s (its headquarters are in Bellevue) popular plain yogurt with juicy fruits and a hint of herbs and spices.

The trio has been sold only in Colorado-based King Soopers stores in recent weeks, with a national rollout this year.

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