Snow Biz: Meier Skis has a New Location

At Denver’s new Meier Skis location you can chill out at happy hour, watching skis and snowboards being made


Courtesy of Meier Skis

“Handmade skis from Colorado trees.” That kinda says it all. Meier Skis, which Matt Cudmore started out of his Glenwood Springs garage in 2009, prides itself on using 100 percent locally harvested wood in its skis and making them—by hand—in as eco-friendly a way as possible.

At Meier’s new headquarters, 970 Yuma St., patrons can sit at the bar—constructed, naturally, out of Meier’s core ski wood (Colorado Aspen and pine beetle kill)—and gaze through a glass wall to watch skis being born, says co-owner Ted Eynon, who joined the company in 2012.

And being green? That’s a natural for a Colorado-made ski. “Most skis are made overseas using wood that might come from Southeast Asia or South America, plus a lot of ink—which makes for a large carbon footprint,” Eynon says. “We try to be very conscious of waste. So, for example, when we cut out our skis, we use the remnants of the wood as kindling or coasters, which customers can buy in our store.”

This year, Meier is not only making snowboards, but also introducing a National Parks series of skis (featuring Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Teton and Yosemite), with 10 percent of sales going to support the National Parks Foundation. Meier also has developed a new women’s ski with Alison Gannett, a former world champion extreme skier who lives in Paonia and runs women’s extreme skiing camps there, as well as a Big Head Todd and the Monsters ski, in honor of the national act based in Colorado. “All of our skis are known for being extremely light, very poppy and playful, and yet with a lot of muscle in them, which we optimize through carbon fiber,” Eynon says.

Want skis with your own one-of-a-kind brand on them? At the Meier facility’s custom ski and snowboard fitting room, you can build your own perfect pair of sticks, even adding a personalized design. Now how cool is that?

Meier Skis
970 Yuma St.
THE BUSINESS: Colorado-made, high-performance, hand-crafted skis made using eco-friendly and environmentally conscious practices. Meier uses 100 percent natural wood products (Aspen, Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine) harvested from the state. Most skis, $650 and up; snowboards, $575 and up.


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