Colorado Photographic Arts Center Has a New Home


The Colorado Photographic Arts Center has moved to a new location in the Golden Triangle arts district. Courtesy Colorado Photographic Arts Center

There’s a new space in the picture for the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC).

Denver’s premier photo gallery, previously located in Ironton Studios in RiNo, has moved to 1070 Bannock St. in the Golden Triangle area just blocks away from Denver Art Museum, Civic Center and other leading cultural centers in the Mile High City. The move initiates a new chapter of stability, visibility and creativity for CPAC.

“We were excited to find a space with a five-year lease so we can stay put for a while,” says Samantha Johnston, director of CPAC. “We loved being a part of the RiNo arts district, but, unfortunately, we only had a year lease there. It’s a privilege to be included in another great art district—this is a really strategic move for us.”

The new space features larger galleries for exhibitions, classes and events, as well as convenient parking and transportation options. “We have a really visible space now with a lot of glass windows so people can peek in and see what’s going on. I’m excited to see the increase in foot traffic.”


“Shea” by Laura Beth Reese is featured in CPAC’s “Relationship Show.” Courtesy Laura Beth Reese

The gallery is currently showing “Relationship Show,” which features photographers Maureen Drennan, Laura Beth Reese, Matthew Swarts and Allison L. Wade. “The exhibit explores four different artists’ viewpoints on how they experience relationships, whether it’s a breakup, new relationship or marriage,” Johnston says. “It’s a really relatable exhibition because we’ve all had some kind of relationship in our lives.” The show was named one of The First Five Shows You Should See in 2017 by longtime Denver art critic Ray Rinaldi on his One Good Eye website.

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