Cute Kitten Alert: Denver Zoo Welcomes New Fishing Cat


The Denver Zoo welcomes the fishing cat Miso-Ch to its animal family. Denver Zoo/Facebook

Here, kitty, kitty! The Denver Zoo recently welcomed one of the newest—and cutest—additions to its animal family: Miso-Chi the fishing cat. Born January 25, Miso-Chi is the first successful fishing cat cub birth at the zoo.

As their name suggests, fishing cats are powerful swimmers and fish are an important part of their diet. These cats have even been known to lightly tap the water with their paw to mimic insect movement and attract fish. Though they resemble a house cat, they are about twice the size, weighing 18 to 26 pounds. Fishing cats are found in southwest India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Sumatra, Java and Pakistan, living primarily in wetland areas. Precise fishing cat populations are unknown since they are so rarely seen. It is believed there are less than 10,000 individuals and their numbers are declining.

Learn more about fishing cats and watch Miso-Chi learn how to dive for fish alongside Namfon, the cat’s mother, at the Denver Zoo.

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