Get Your Glow On with Sunless Self-Tanners

Self-tanners have come a long way, baby

Self-tanners were once unforgiving: Get the product on just right and your friends would envy your assumed beach time. Miss a step and you’d get stained palms, Oompa Loompa skin and unsightly streaks. But today, we don’t have to lather in fear: Starting this spring break, get gorgeous sun-kissed skin without the sun no matter your schedule.

Loving Tan 2 hour express

1.Loving Tan 2 Hour Express. Courtesy Loving Tan

YOU’VE GOT MORE THAN AN HOUR Get a serious tan in two hours with 1. LOVING TAN’S 2 HOUR EXPRESS TANNING MOUSSE. The formula starts to work within a few minutes, but keeps darkening until you wash it off two hours later. Pro tip: Use an applicator mitt. Get it: $40 at Loving Tan.

Clinique Self Sun

2. Clinique Self Sun. Courtesy Clinique

Night Mask

3. Vita Liberata Night Mask. Courtesy Vita Liberata

YOU JUST WANT A GLOW-Y FACE For a darker complexion, let 2. CLINIQUE’S SELF SUN TINTED OIL-FREE, NON-ACNEGENIC FACE LOTION be your regular face moisturizer. Your “golden tan” will develop in about three hours and last three days. Get it: $23 at area Macy’s locations Got fair skin? Build color while you sleep with 3. VITA LIBERATA’S SELF-TANNING NIGHT MOISTURE MASK. This anti-aging treatment has a “touch of tan” to give you a subtle glow come morning. Get it: $45 at Vita Liberata.


4. Clarins Glow Booster. Courtesy Clarins

YOU WANT A GRADUAL GLOW Take tanning slow with 4. CLARINS’ RADIANCEPLUS GOLDEN GLOW BOOSTER. Just add a few drops of this 99.8 percent natural formula to your day or night moisturizer to build color. Get it: $32 at area Macy’s locations.

Laura Geller

5. Laura Geller Baked Body Frosting Hawaiian Glow. Courtesy Laura Geller

YOU’RE CRUNCHED FOR TIME Need to tan, like, now? 5. LAURA GELLER’S BAKED BODY FROSTING goes on in seconds and creates a warm bronze—or “pearly luminosity,” depending on your chosen shade. Apply the moisturizing, smooth powder wet or dry with the included puff, then add layers for a deeper shimmer. Comes in Angel, Honey, Sugar, Tahitian and Hawaiian Glow. Get it: $45 at Laura Geller.


6. Kate Somerville 360 Tanning Towelettes. Courtesy Kate Somerville

YOU’RE ON THE ROAD Pack 6. KATE SOMERVILLE’S SOMERVILLE 360 TANNING TOWELETTES. Saturated with tanning formula, these one-and-done wipes (which work on both the face and body) promise a streakfree, natural glow within two to four hours. Get it: $48 for eight at


7. Vita Liberata Body Blur. Courtesy Vita Liberata

YOU NEED TO DO SOME, UH, COVERUP Victoria’s Secret models swear by it, and that’s good enough for us: 7. VITA LIBERATA’S BODY BLUR INSTANT HD SKIN FINISH minimizes blemishes, covers imperfections, smooths skin and adds radiance to your face and body, all while reflecting light for a “photo-ready skin finish.” Get it: $45 at Vita Liberata.

1. A sugar-scrub exfoliator to get rid of dead skin
2. A tan-remover in case of mistakes. Or go DIY with lemon juice, baby oil or baking soda.
3. A deep moisturizer to soften skin
4. An applicator mitt.

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