Cocktail Corner: Laugh a Little with this Girls’ Night Sip at TAG


The Brazilian Panty Dropper at TAG. Courtesy TAG

The cocktail: Brazilian Panty Dropper

Where to order it:
TAG, 1441 Larimer St.

Why we love it:
When I happen across innuendo-named cocktails, I tend to breeze right past them: I will not be ordering that, I’ll say to myself. But as I sat at TAG’s quaint bar on a sunny Wednesday and TJ Vong, the restaurant’s bar manager, began explaining the three cocktails before me, I blew right past this drink’s namesake—and accompanying lingerie garnish used afor media menu previews only—and onto the first ingredient: Novo Fogo cachaça. What, I probed, is that?

The answer: It’s a distilled cane sugar spirit similar to white rum, but with a more earthy, herbaceous flavor. And it’s delicious.

Vong’s goal with this drink, and the new menu that launched March 29, is to introduce diners to spirits they don’t know a lot about in a quirky, fun way. (The other drinks on the menu have names like Chillin’ Like a Bond Villain, Drop the Mic and Because … Rye Not?)

And introduce me to something new, Vong did. Looking at the pink mixture in the elegant champagne flute, you might expect this drink to be very sweet; but it’s not. The coconut cream makes each sip feel dessert-ish—like a thin milkshake—but the lavender brings out all the earthy notes of the cachaça, which tastes clean and refreshing, while the lime adds just the right amount of zing.

I decided to ignore my naming prejudice and keep sipping. A few moments later, I imagined my friends and I sitting around my dining table and chuckled at the thought of asking anyone if they would like another.

This, I thought, would be perfect for girls’ night out—or in.

Mix it at home:
1 ½ ounces Novo Fogo cachaca
¾ ounces lime juice
¾ ounces blueberry lavender agave
½ ounce Genepy
¼ ounce banana liqueur (TAG recommends Giffard)
2 barspoons of coconut cream
3 dashes lavender bitters

Shake and double strain all ingredients into a Champagne flute, and serve.

What to pair it with: 
TAG’s steamed and crisped seafood potstickers or your favorite at-home potsticker rendition.

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