A Spa All Their Own

A Castle Rock couple turns a tired, uninviting master bath into a welcoming oasis


CATCH A WAVE Though the bath’s colors are all neutral, Mendoza added a wave-patterned tile from Durastone to create interest. Photo by Picture Room Photography

Some things just don’t stand the test of time. Like the bathroom in this Castle Rock house. It was vintage 2000, but it already felt as outdated as that year’s pop hit “Thong Song,” by Sisqó.

“It wasn’t very attractive,” says Heidi Mendoza, who owns the interior design company re.dzine and was called in to work her magic on the space. “When the homeowners would go in there, they’d basically get out as fast as possible!” What they wanted: a spa-like space where they would actually want to hang out and “get away from the everyday.”

The problem wasn’t the original bath’s size—it had plenty of room. The issue was the finishes and the clunky use of space.

“Every time you turned around in the original bathroom,” Mendoza says, “there was something in front of you.” Her goal: Air things out and lighten things up.

Keeping roughly the same footprint as the original bath, Mendoza, a Helsinki native who brings a clean-lined Scandinavian eye to her designs, replaced a cumbrous alcove bathtub with a sleek, freestanding 60-inch Soho tub from the Wyndham Collection, with a waterfall faucet. The oversized frameless shower, with two shower heads from the Italian company ARTOS (found at Denver’s Ultra Design Center), continues the airy feel.


Photo by Heidi Mendoza

The heavy floor-mounted vanity was replaced by a floating Centra 80-inch gray-oak double vanity from the Wyndham Collection with drop-in square sinks, topped by a white manmade quartz-like stone. Hanging overhead are three pendant lights from West Elm, fronting two mirrors that match the vanity.

On the floor and one wall are large-format Durastone steel-gray tiles from Complete Flooring Source. Mendoza wanted to keep the hues of the bath in the same spectrum—neutrals and grays, including painting the walls in Room & Board’s Cement shade. But she added a bit of pop by covering one wall in a wave-patterned tile called 3D Bloom, also from Durastone. And over the tub, to break up the grays, she created a low-maintenance pendulum feature using thick rope, glass globes and live moss and added a Tub side table by Eileen Gray.

To top it all off: dimmable lights that can be lowered for end-of-the-day soaks. “We love our new bathroom,” say the homeowners. “It’s our in-home getaway. It used to be a room where we’d just take a quick shower, but after the remodel, we now find ourselves lingering there, taking long baths, even reading in the tub with dimmed lights and scented candles.”


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