Always Room for One More

Bunk beds have come a long way, baby


DOUBLE DECKERS: Modern bunk bed rooms can range from kid-friendly to sophisticated. Courtesy Slifer Designs

There was a time, not that long ago, when bunk bed rooms evoked images of Camp Runamuck: Narrow beds set atop spindly-looking stilts, with scratchy, mismatched blankets, anorexic mattresses and the notion of comfort nowhere in sight. An adult wouldn’t be caught dead sleeping in one.

My, how things have changed. Today’s bunk bed rooms, as evident in the ones from Edwards-based Slifer Designs shown on these pages, are roomy, sophisticated, comfy and, though often meant for kids, most definitely rated for adults, too.

“Traditionally, people would just throw an inexpensive bunk bed into a room, and put a ton of kids in there,” says Frances Karsh, senior designer at Slifer. “Today, people want to accommodate as many people as possible, but they also want the rooms to be nice, not throwaway.”


Courtesy Slifer Designs

Also, Karsh says, clients are smarter about how to use square footage: “Bunk bed rooms are big space savers. They can accommodate a lot of people, especially in a ski home.” Most of Slifer’s rooms contain built-in, custom units, many of which include twins on top and perpendicular queens down below for adults or older teens. (The queens turn a bunk bed room into an instant guest room when adults only are staying over.) Slifer also frequently includes individual bed lamps or nightlights, outlets for charging phones and often storage or trundles underneath the lower beds (trundles, Karsh notes, are great for really little ones, because they are low to the ground).

It can be tricky to change linens on bunk beds, so Karsh recommends building in at least an inch of space around the mattress against the wall and avoiding heavy duvets—less-bulky coverlets are better. She also advises using extra-long twins for upper bunks to accommodate growing kids.

The only problem with today’s bunk bed rooms? Once your guests and their kids realize how nice they are, they’ll never want to leave.

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