Sweet Surrender: A Guy Tries a Day at the Spa

Three hours of pampering? A guy could get used to this.


Photo by Paul Miller

Something in my constitution—some subconscious calculus—has always had a hard time with the idea of forking over sizable sums of money for spa visits. Don’t get me wrong—I enjoy a massage, a flute of bubbly, a freshly laundered bathrobe as much as the next guy. But I’m also a healthy skeptic, and for most of my life, pricey stress-busting therapies have seemed too risky an investment, too potentially short-lived. “How good can it really be?” I thought.

That was my feeling, anyway, before I experienced the “Gentlemen’s Package” at the Omni Interlocken Resort’s Mokara Spa—a three-hour combo deal consisting of a massage, facial and mani-pedi, all tailored specifically to the needs of men. Now I’m combing through my budget, toying with some rather questionable cutbacks, trying to make room for return visits.

Go in for a treatment and you’ll see why. It all starts with the facilities (impeccably clean) and the amenities (exhaustive). There’s free champagne, dishes of almonds and cranberries arrayed on silver trays, pan flute music and nature sounds piping into the rooms at a pleasant background decibel. The masseuses and estheticians—hyper-alert to the needs of guests—speak in near-whispers, repeating constantly, like a lulling mantra, “If there’s anything you need, if there’s anything you need …”


Photo by Paul Miller

The actual treatment phases of the package are no less wonderful. The massage, Swedish, focuses on range of motion and flexibility. The facial includes a series of pleasantly tingly masks and rubs, as well as a magnificent mechanical arm that swings out to deliver intoxicating, intermittent face blasts of warm steam. The mani-pedi is detail work, but as the final stage of the treatment, it’s a chance to sit up and regain some of the analytical faculty the dim massage and facial chambers force you—gently—into surrendering. I came away from the experience sitting straighter, walking looser and feeling like my face had been purified all the way down to my skull.

Put simply: If you’re a man in the market for an afternoon of thorough corporeal comfort, you can’t go wrong with the Mokara Gentlemen’s Package. Be prepared, however, to come back. It’s just too good, no matter the cost, for a one-and-done.

500 Interlocken Blvd., Broomfield

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