It’s a Wrap! How to Celebrate Breakfast Burrito Day in Denver (Oct. 14)


Carmen Morales, founder and operator of Santiago’s Mexican Restaurants, sits in front of the original restaurant in 1990 in Brighton. Photo courtesy Carmen Morales

Love waking to a tortilla stuffed with eggs, cheese, potatoes, sausage and more? Obviously. We regularly honor our favorite morning meal, but, finally, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Santiago’s Mexican Restaurants are giving “Breakfast Burrito Day” its own special recognition. To be held annually on the second Saturday in October, the first celebration is set for Oct. 14. 

For an inside look at Breakfast Burrito Day, we caught up with Carmen Morales, founder of Santiago’s Mexican Restaurants.

What inspired the creation of Breakfast Burrito Day?
We’re Catholic, so during Lent, before we went to school, we would go to church and we had to fast. My mother would make breakfast burritos for us and we would eat them on our way to church. Santiago’s uses my mother’s breakfast burrito recipe.

We’ve been in existence for 26 years and saw so many Taco Tuesday’s and we (my three daughters and I) thought, why not a breakfast burrito day? I sent a letter to the mayor and suggested it and he liked the idea and wrote the proclamation.

Will there be other restaurants participating?
We haven’t heard about other restaurants, but all 28 of our stores will be offering breakfast burritos all day which is unusual—we usually cut it off at 11 a.m. They will be sold at their throwback price of $1.25 which is what it was 26 years ago. We’re also giving out throwback shirts.

Will this be an annual celebration?
Yes, this will be an annual celebration. I’m hoping this continues to grow and, hopefully, it becomes a national day!

If we could be united and become that one nation that we are always talking about then that’s the way to do it—through food. It’s important for us to give back and our customers help us immensely with fundraising. This year, we raised $222,000 for the Caruso Family Charities which helps families with financial burdens who have terminally ill children.



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