Dear Diary

The new year is the perfect time to start keeping a journal. And, with so many pretty options, we think you’ll look forward to putting pen to paper often. As novelist Louisa May Alcott once said: “Preserve your memories, keep them well; what you forget you can never retell.”


Photo by Cassandra Stiltner

1. Spartina 449 “Deep Thoughts” pocket pen notebook, $13.50; 2. Spartina 449 “Always a Mermaid” ruled notebook, $12; 3. “A Year in the Garden” guided journal by Nina Montenegro and Sonya Montenegro, $19,; 4. Lena Corwin “Tidal” notebook (set of two), $10,; 5. Brie Harrison “Avian Tropics” handmade embroidered journal, $15,; 6. Margaret Berg “Arrows and Feathers” gilded notebook, $15,; 7. Cavallini & Co. small vintage map notebook, $13, Papyrus stores; 8. Whitby “She Thrives” leather journal, $27; 9. The Berkley Bestiary “Animal Portrait” notebook (set of two), $10,; 10. Christian Lacroix “Madone Atalante” die-cut notebook, $17, Papyrus; 11. Moleskine “Peter Pan Lovely, Wonderful Thoughts” notebook, $35

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