Mudroom with a View

A long, sunlit bridge from the garage to this Parker home provides the perfect ‘stopping off’ place


Photo by Eric Lucero

Mudrooms are often like the wallflowers of a home—tucked away in a corner, out of sight, if not out of mind. But the mudroom in this house in Parker, built by Montana-based Centre Sky Architecture, couldn’t be more different, with jumbo windows that allow for a sunny space as well as grand views.

“The home was designed for a young family with four kids, plus a dog, and the mom wanted lots of space to organize everyone,” says Kim Layne of Kim Layne Interiors. She designed the mudroom, which bridges the garage to the house, to include a kid/dog/utility shower, cubbies and a closet for each kid and baskets to hold accessories.

“It’s really a space to collect the kids’ junk so it doesn’t get scattered throughout the house,” Layne says. And, according to the homeowner, there is plenty of extra storage for guests, too. “An added, unexpected bonus of the space is that it seconds as a sunroom,” the homeowner says. “It’s great for growing plants or hanging out. One of our sons recently used the space to assemble a robot. Our dog loves the warmth of the sun on the bridge in the winter. And the windows provide a great way to scan the yard and keep an eye on kids and animals.”

“We love our ‘mudroom bridge,’ ” the homeowner says. “It’s beautiful on both the inside and the outside.” 

  • A yellow dutch door on the far end provides a pop of inviting color. 
  • Each child’s cubby includes a seat and a chalkboard. 
  • The cabinets were painted gray- “For longevity, not too crazy,” Layne says. 
  • The floors are made of seven species of reclaimed wood, mimicked in the stained ceiling. 

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