Let the Games Begin … at Denver’s Winter Olympics-Themed Pop-up Bar


The Podium Cocktail Bar. Photo by Kendall Kostelic

Skiing. Snowboarding. Figure Skating. Curling. Thirty-five competing Colorado athletes. Can the XXIII Winter Olympic Games get any better? Why, yes, yes they can: Watch the world’s best athletes vie for gold with your closest friends without having to play hostess at The Podium Cocktail Bar, Denver’s newest pop-up. 

Run by Wayward, the same restaurant that hosted Miracle, and in the same location as Miracle, the Winter Olympics-themed bar is decked out with country flags, a chairlift photo op spot and even a battery-operated torch, and will remain open through February. Here’s what to look forward to:

Internationally-themed cocktails: The nine-drink menu is inspired by countries featured in the Olympics. The O Canada, a take on a Manhattan, features maple syrup, whiskey and bacon (you read that right). Rooting for Norway? Order the Norweigan Pickle Back.

South Korean street food: For bar snacks, Wayward executive chef Talia Diele took inspiration from the hosting country’s street fare. Think scallion pancakes, chips and dip with kimchi scallion dip, Korean style short ribs (enjoyed in a lettuce wrap) and, for dessert, donuts with sweet bean paste.

Drinking games: Set up a friendly match of air hockey or table curling, or test out the shot luge at the bar, where a spirit of your choice is poured down an ice-sculpted slope into your mouth.

Free drinks: In the spirit of camaraderie, The Podium is running a can drive. Bring in five or more non-perishable food items and get a free drink of the bartender’s choice.

Shorter wait: Rather than waiting for your name to pop up on the long wait list at Miracle, The Podium is a standing room bar, meaning it will accommodate more people than seats—victory!

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