Mile-High Style

Photography by Jeff Nelson

What does it mean to dress Coloradan? We asked locals representing seven common Denver archetypes (hipster, techie, corporate leader, foodie, artist, cowboy and fitness guru) to model the latest spring fashions and offer their takes on looking great in the Centennial State. Your what-to-wear dilemma? Solved!



Rag & Bone/ JEAN destroyed classic denim shirt, $250, at nordstrom.comValentino pleated striped skirt, $980, and Christian Louboutin “Actina” cutout suede pumps, $795, both at Neiman MarcusLele Sadoughi Crystal Lily earrings, $198. Gold watch, model’s own.


My job: Outside corporate counsel for Galvanize
Number of years in my career field: 16
My job in a nutshell: On a day- to-day basis, my job ranges from activity with community engagement and community service boards to making sure that I’m available to answer all of the legal needs that may arise at Galvanize.
My style: Bold. Classic with a modern twist. Chic.
My typical work outfit: Dress, heels and bold accessories. I’m always dressy and very much dressed for transitioning from day to night. I’m ready for a powerful meeting or happy hour.
My typical going-out outfit: Same as my work outfit
On Sunday morning, you’ll find me wearing: If it’s early, work- out clothes. By mid-morning, I’m normally in a chambray shirt with jeans and either platform tennis shoes or boots.
Accessory I’m never without: Earrings, prescription glasses and my cellphone
My biggest crime of fashion: No crimes. I’m an attorney so I’m always abiding by the law.
My style icons: Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. Their styles were classic, feminine, bold and timeless.
You’ll never catch me wearing: Anything too trendy
My fashion trademark: Bold accessories. I love bold jewelry.
My favorite local stores: Perch, the Outlet at Max, Sacred Thistle, Bloom by Anuschka
What’s in my bag: Cellphone, lip gloss, computer and parking tickets
How I describe Colorado style: Relaxed and up-and-coming. We still embrace our Western and pioneering roots with very relaxed style, but we are becoming more and more cosmopolitan and our fashion is reflected in that.



Wrangler “Cowboy Cut” Western work shirt, $29, retro deep dye jean jacket, $78, and “Rock 47” bootcut jeans, $69, all at Wrangler, Park Meadows mall. Resistol cowboy hat, model’s own. Custom belt and rodeo trophy buckle, model’s own.


My job: Professional rodeo cowboy (bareback rider)
Number of years in my career field: More than 15
My job in a nutshell: The most intense and physically demanding eight seconds you’d ever experience. My office has a dirt floor and smells like horse sweat. I travel thousands of miles, am in and out of hotels and have late nights and early mornings. But it’s all worth it once you hit the bright lights of Las Vegas during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR).
My style: Classic cowboy
My typical work outfit: Wrangler jeans and shirt, Olathe Boot Company cowboy boots, Resistol cowboy hat, custom-tooled leather belt and Montana Silversmiths NFR round 10 belt buckle (Wrangler and Olathe are sponsors)
My typical going-out outfit: I like a nice pullover sweater with starched Wrangler jeans, boots, a belt and buckle and my hat. I also don’t mind doing my hair: My wife fixed me up with all the right hair products.
On Sunday morning, you’ll find me wearing: Jeans, boots and a long-sleeve shirt. I wake up, feed the animals and go to work. I don’t really have a weekend: Even on off days, I’ve still got to wake up every morning and feed the horses and check the cows.
Accessory I’m never without: My custom-made, hand-engraved white gold wedding ring with a hidden blue diamond.
My biggest crime of fashion: I’ve been known to wear Crocs around the house.
My style icon: I don’t really have one. I would call my wife my personal stylist, though. She keeps me ahead of the curve in fashion and I love it because I like being different.
You’ll never catch me wearing: Skinny jeans
My fashion trademark is: Ray-Bans. I used to buy cheap sunglasses and one year, when I was at the NFR in Las Vegas, I went to a Sunglass Hut and paid $150 for Ray-Bans and I’ve loved them ever since.
My favorite stores: I may be a cowboy, but I’m still all in when it comes to looking good. You can easily catch me in Nordstrom. I also love going to outlets for awesome name-brand merchandise.
What’s in my bag: My gear bag holds my bareback Barstow rigging (for when I’m on a horse), leather glove, Wrangler riding jeans, Olathe cowboy boots, custom-made spurs engraved with the initials of my wife and me, latigos, chaps, compression shorts, an Under Armor arm sleeve, two knee braces, an elbow brace, tape, a neck roll and KT tape.
How I describe Colorado style: There seems to be a lot of flexibility. It’s anywhere from comfortable and casual to upscale and classy. We have it all.



Onzie bomber jacket, $99, “Chic” jog bra, $48, and high-rise leggings, $69; Puma with Tsugi Shinsei knit sneakers, $100, all at Neiman Marcus. Mala necklace, earrings, model’s own.


My job: Yoga teacher and therapist at Shigeko Yoga
Number of years in my career field: 17
My job in a nutshell: I get to help people heal physically, mentally and emotionally through yoga. I see private clients for yoga therapy at my own studio, teach public classes at my studio and other local studios and teach stress relief yoga at the Denver Police Department.
My style: Dreamy. Bright. Sophisticated.
My typical work outfit: Yoga clothing and my moonstone mala, a custom-made necklace featuring my specific moonstone, which is kind of like a birthstone.
My typical going-out outfit: A skirt or casual dress with a scarf and boots
On Sunday morning, you’ll find me wearing: Cotton, loose-fit yoga pants, a sweat-shirt and fluffy socks
Accessory I’m never without: A mala
My biggest crime of fashion: I used to wear my karategi (I’m a second-degree black belt) everywhere I went before or after class.
My style icon: Nobody; I just want to be me.
You’ll never catch me wearing: A lot of stuff . I’m not very adventurous with fashion in general. Outside of yoga clothes, my uniform is jeans and dresses.
My fashion trademark: Accessories. I love adding scarves, hats, sunglasses and small, simple jewelry to my outfits.
My favorite local stores to shop: Umba Love in Boulder has fun yoga clothing and jewelry and pieces you won’t find anywhere else.
What’s in my bag: My journal, essential oils, a gong for yoga classes, a Mason jar for water, my MacBook, a couple of books, my cellphone and my makeup bag.
How I describe Colorado style: I moved to Denver from Tokyo, and the style there is very dressy. Here it is much more casual and laid back. I love it!



Vince distressed wool-blend car coat, $695, striped crewneck sweater, $365, and drawstring striped wool trousers, $325; Puma “Clyde” high-top leather sneakers, $85, all at Neiman Marcus, Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Royal Stag “The Clyde” fedora, $460.


My job: Art director and lettering artist
Years in my career field: 7
My job in a nutshell: Some days, I’m painting a mural; other days, I’m working on developing a logo system; and, on others, I’m doing lettering for ad or social campaigns. Most of what I do, though, revolves around drawing words in a way that elicits or conveys a feeling.
My style: Casual, like I’m ready to skateboard or snowboard at a moment’s notice.
My typical work outfit: Jeans and a T-shirt. I normally work between a 10- and 14-hour day, so comfort is key.
My typical going-out outfit: A lot of denim—sometimes with a casual button-down. I’m always ready for something that’s slightly nice or something that’s slightly casual.
On a Sunday morning, you’ll find me wearing: Socks, slippers, baggy sweatpants, a T-shirt and maybe a hoodie. I get as comfortable and ready to hibernate as you can imagine.
Accessory I’m never without: My gold bracelet. I was volunteering at a homeless shelter in northern Vietnam during a four-and-a-half-month trip I took to Asia, and one of the women from the local tribe there melts down Australian currency to make bracelets. They are $15, which in Vietnam is very, very expensive. It was awesome knowing that purchase was going toward something more.
My biggest crime of fashion: I wear women’s leopard-print slippers. Let me explain: I was visiting a girl I was seeing in Boulder one winter and the only house shoes there were leopard-print women’s slippers, so I wore them the whole trip and my date thought it was the most amusing thing in the world. About a month later, she sent me a similar pair in the mail, which I still wear.
My style icon: I’d be lying if I said I had one. But I have started following a few men’s fashion Instagram accounts for inspiration.
You’ll never catch me wearing: Sport shorts and running shoes in public. When I see guys out at, say, a bar, wearing that, it makes me cringe.
My favorite local store: Buffalo Exchange.
What’s in my bag: Pens and pencils for drawing, headphones and my iPad so I can design or work wherever.
How I describe Colorado style: Casual and versatile. People are ready for it to be super hot, super cold or snowing. 

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