Q&A: Wynkoop Brewing’s John Sims on Day of Dorks


Day of Dorks is a beer fest like no other. Courtesy Wynkoop Brewing Co.

Beer lovers, get ready to geek out: Wynkoop Brewing Company, Denver’s original brewpub, is hosting its second annual Day of Dorks to appreciate, inspire and unite, you guessed it, beer dorks across Colorado. On March 10 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. come dressed in your nerdiest attire and don’t forget to bring school supplies to donate to the future generation of dorks. We spoke with Wynkoop’s head brewer John Sims about what guests can expect at the fest. 

Where did the concept for Day of Dorks come from?
“We already had a Day of Darks that we were doing every year and we decided that since that was going so well we wanted to add at least one other festival—if not a few more—throughout the year. Day of Dorks was the one we came up with. We consider it a celebration of beer nerds and the beers they geek out on.”

 How did the festival go last year?
“It was packed! We had nerd glasses that we were giving away and fanny packs. One of the coolest aspects was the tasting glass for the event—a 100-milliliter lab beaker, which lent to the overall nerd factor. Those will be back this year for sure.”

 What does it mean to be a beer dork?
“I think it’s unique to each person; some people geek out on IPAs, others geek out on sour beers. We’ve also taken an approach where we might release something that’s not really commercially viable, just to see what people think. Last year, we gave out an award for the dorkiest beer, which went to Crestone Brewing. They brewed a beer that was fermented really warm and served at 85 degrees; the dork factor was pretty high.”

Can you tell us more about how Day of Dorks will be supporting future dorks?
“It’s a pretty cool event. We take donations of school supplies that go to local schools. Last year we filled up three heaping pool tables worth of supplies and we are hoping to do that and more this year.”

What are you excited about for this year’s event?
“We have over 30 breweries that will be at the festival this year and quite a few of those will be bringing beers specifically brewed for this festival. This is the second annual Day of Dorks and we are excited to see some bigger breweries participate this year.”

Any special Wynkoop brews we should expect?
“We are working on a few things for the festival. We’ve kind of turned our focus to being experimental year-round and, with that, we’ve saved several kegs from some special batches we’ve done throughout the year. We are going to have about 12 that we will be offering this year.”

What do you hope guests will get out of Day of Dorks?
“I think the festival raises awareness for what is out there. Breweries are going to be bringing stuff that may not be something you could find at the local beer store in a bottle or a can. It’s a unique chance to get experimental ideas from brewers. It’s an opportunity to try beers that won’t be available anywhere else except at Day of Dorks.”

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