Q&A: Bitfactory Gallery Owner Bill Thomason on New ‘Output’ Exhibit


Courtesy Bitfactory Gallery

Promising a “riot of colors and textures,” the new abstract expressionism exhibit “Output” at Bitfactory Gallery (May 18 to June 7) features the work of four women: Kari Bell, Prerna Kapoor, Anna Marie Mead, and Elaine Wendt. We recently spoke with the gallery’s owner, Bill Thomason, about what visitors can expect. 

How do you define abstract expressionism—and how would you describe the pieces in this exhibit?
“Abstract expressionism is about making a fluid representation of emotion and raw feeling, and the artists represent that very well. The artwork that will be presented at ‘Output’ includes truly move-your-soul kind of pieces.”

What is the meaning of the ‘Output’ title?
“First, it’s a relative term of ‘this is what comes out on the canvas or board with the materials that you have’ and second, it’s not just a tactile presentation but also the emotion, thought process and feelings you’re pushing out onto the piece. Whether or not people can read what’s presented, the whole point is that you got something out of it.”

Why did you decide to use only women artists for this particular exhibit?
“I put the show together without realizing or intending it to be a main point of the exhibit, and it ended up being an all-female artists group, which I thought was cool. I get a lot of submissions every week/month. Unfortunately, there are times when I feel that the submissions don’t fit the exhibit’s vision or guidelines. Last year, when I was thinking about starting this abstract expressionism exhibit, I was looking through submissions, artwork around town and websites to possibly invite for this exhibit, and with these four I felt very strongly about their pieces. I thought they represented themselves very well and I thought the pieces were beautiful. It wasn’t intentional, but this exhibit is also covering a wide age-range of artists, and I also appreciated that spectrum.”

What can audiences look forward to?
“An absolute riot of colors and textures. It’s going to be fantastic.”

Can viewers purchase any of the work seen at the exhibit?
“Yes, they can be purchased at Bitfactory Gallery.”

Finally, what’s your favorite piece/painting in this exhibit?
“You’re going to make me pick one, really?! Right now it’s a tie. There’s a piece by Prerna Kapoor titled ‘Kaleidoscope. ‘It’s a very large triptych. I just love that piece. And there’s a piece by Kari Bell called ‘Vista.’ It’s absolutely amazing.”

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