Flower Power

Make your own beautiful summer bouquets, following these simple steps from Sarah Tedford, owner of Ladybird Poppy. 


Photo by Rachel Adams

1. Set out your container, which should be clean enough to drink out of (you don’t want any hideous bacteria). Make sure your water is at room temperature (too hot or too cold will shock the blooms) and fills up about three-quarters of the vase. Gather your flora and a pair of clean garden shears (kitchen scissors are often too dull and dirty, Tedford says).


Photo by Rachel Adams

2. Start your arrangement with at least six pieces of greenery (such as the bay leaves here, or eucalyptus, myrtle, ruscus…). Strip lower leaves, cut each stem at an angle and quickly place into the vase; make sure the tips touch the bottom and the leaves peek out over the rim. Criss-cross the greenery stems inside the container to create a grid to support your flowers.


Photo by Rachel Adams

3. Place an odd number of focal flowers (anything that has a mass of petals, such as the peonies here, or sunflowers, large roses or zinnias) into the container. Cut the stems so the focal flowers are of different heights (you don’t want two blooms to be “staring out like eyeballs,” Tedford says), and place them around the vase to form a visual triangle.


Photo by Rachel Adams

4. Add in three to five stems of line flowers (such as the irises here, as well as tuberose, veronica, liatris or even curly willow), placing them at different heights (“you want to avoid the look of ‘bunny ears’ sticking up,” Tedford says) and pointing in different directions. After your eye goes to the focal flowers, it will be pulled up and out by the line flowers. 


Photo by Rachel Adams

5. Add in filler flowers (which have multiple small blooms and different laterals, such as the bachelor’s buttons here, as well as baby’s breath, Queen Anne’s lace or wax flowers). Keep arranging to fill any dead space, adding in leftover stems from focal or line flowers if needed. At the end, the overall height should be twice (or 2 1/2 times) as tall as the container.


Photo by Rachel Adams

6. Enjoy! 

A variety of floral design workshops (flower crowns, bridal parties, centerpieces, etc.) are held at the studio, $65 per person. Visit the website for dates and to sign up.
3275 W. 14th Ave.

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