Q&A: Executive Director on Inaugural Presenting Denver Dance Festival


Photo by Amanda Tipton.

Dance mania! This Saturday and Sunday, a variety of Colorado artists will make their debuts at the first Presenting Denver Dance Festival, a partnership between Presenting Denver and The Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing ArtsWe caught up with Meredith Hutson, executive director of Presenting Denver, to learn more.

Q: How did the idea for the festival come about?
“The Presenting Denver Dance festival has been a long-term project for Presenting Denver. We’re a young organization, only five years old. We wanted people to get familiar with Presenting Denver before starting the actual dance festival. We did a statewide call for submissions last summer, looking for innovative dance. A panel of five jurors selected the final works.”

Q: Is this the first time the Denver community is seeing these pieces?
“Starting in February, wwe invited people from the community to preview all of the pieces that are part of the main stage. We also hosted a Q&A led by Joan Brown, who is on our dance festival committee. It was great to get to know the artists and learn about their creative process.”

 Q: What will the two days of the festival be like?
“A concert called “No Walls” will take place on June 23 at 4:30 p.m. at the Boettcher Center Lawn at the University of Denver campus. It will have seven groups doing a mixture of new and previously created pieces. The “New & Now” concert, a main stage concert, will be a world premiere, with eight artists presenting works on June 23 at 7 p.m. and June 24 at 2 p.m. Both concerts are a mixture of modern, ballet and contemporary ballet. The public stage also has a tango-fusion piece.”

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