Rise and Shine: Morning Raves with Daybreaker


Courtesy Daybreaker


Courtesy Daybreaker

I’m often up for a morning run, but never have I considered rolling out of bed and heading straight into a full-blown techno dance party. Until now. Daybreaker’s sunrise summer party on LoDo’s Rooftop Bar was to intriguing to pass up.

It’s 6 a.m., and the bouncer greets me with a hug, saying, “Hugs are required to enter.” It’s a great way to start the session. Everyone I see looks like they came ready for this. As for me, I’m just looking for coffee. I head upstairs to the rooftop, where the bar is decked out in juices, coffee and healthy snacks like popcorn, breakfast bars and packets of hemp seeds.

The first hour is yoga. “No matter how small, we are all connected in the universe,” assures Megan Smith, instructor from The River Yoga in Denver as we hold Mountain Pose. The vibe is “Rays & Shades,” so Megan focuses on sun worship—acknowledging the sun, planets and galaxies. The tension in my shoulders and back are dissipating, and I’m ready for Phase Two.

This was what founders Radha Agrawal and Matthew Brimer intended when they launched Daybreaker nationwide. The goal: to use morning dancing to release your brain’s natural “happy chemicals,” dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins.  Agrawal and Brimer came up with the idea after a disappointing night out with rude bouncers, drunken people and no dancing. So they invited nearly 200 friends to create a “sober dance party.”

What does that mean? On this day, it involves pink flamingo inflatables, a man dancing on wooden stilts and house music. (And no matter how you dance, you are welcome on this dance floor.) “We love it! It’s just some fun before going to work. This is our second time doing this,” says one participant. 

On my morning, the dance party lasts two hours, with new props brought out periodically to keep things lively. A dance circle inevitably breaks out—so if you have some moves to share, be prepared to take center stage.

I leave Daybreaker feeling giddy, and ready to start my day. 

WHAT: Yoga and/or early-morning parties hosted by Daybreaker
COST: Tickets range from $25 to $35.

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