Warming Trend

From the duo behind Elevate by Design comes a cool new firm that makes sleek fire pits.


Courtesy Studio Nisho

Necessity was most definitely the mother of invention when it came to the latest venture from Paul Wrona and Chris Turner of landscape architecture firm Elevate By Design.

They were accustomed to creating custom fire features for their award-winning exterior projects.

“What we felt was lacking in the industry was something that was prefabricated but was sculptural and beautiful—something other designers would have access to,” Wrona says. “Anything custom is expensive and takes a long time to create, and we wanted prefab fire features that were modern, sleek and different.”

So they designed a line themselves, dubbing it Studio Nisho. Today, it offers eight models in three colors, all made of glass fiber-reinforced concrete, which is both strong and lightweight (each fire feature weighs between 200 and 400 pounds).

The internal all-brass mechanism, made by a local company called Warming Trends, is “the best burner out there,” Turner says. “It uses half the gas and gives twice the flame. And it’s adjustable, through a key valve on the side of each fire pit.”

The fire features, whose prices start at $5,500, come with black lava rock (seen above in the Chaos model), but ceramic orbs are also available. Let’s get this fire started.

2828 N. Speer Blvd.

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