Cup, Cone or Shot Glass?

Get an extra kick from Bootleg Creamery’s alcohol-infused ice creams 


From left to right, top to bottom: What’s left of Mudslide Moo’d, Piña Moo’lada, Irish Coffee and Maple Bourbon. Photo by Cassandra Stiltner

Is there anything better than indulging with boozy ice cream when you’re out on the town? Yes—enjoying a tasty scoop at home. That’s the idea behind Denver’s Bootleg Creamery, a small-batch maker whose alcohol-infused creations are available by the pint at more than 60 liquor stores across the Front Range.

The concept was inspired, surprisingly enough, by a Christmas dinner. When owner Rohit Mukherjee and his girlfriend, Molly McClurg, had to come up with something to take to a party, they hit upon eggnog ice cream. “We have no culinary background, other than being weekend kitchen warriors,” Mukherjee says. “We just went to the store and got a home ice cream maker. The ice cream was a big hit, so we started brainstorming.” Mukherjee launched the company last year, using dairy products from a Longmont-based farm. We asked him for the, er, scoop, on the company.

A flavor for everyone
“We picked four different flavor profiles that would fit a variety of tastes. Piña Moo’lada, pineapple-coconut ice cream with rum, is fruit forward. We have Mudslide Moo’d, chocolate ice cream with vodka, coffee liqueur and brownie bits, for people who want chocolate, and a vanilla-based Maple Bourbon for those who don’t. And Irish Coffee is for people who love coffee. We’ve released three more flavors this summer: one that’s dairy-free, one that’s gluten-free and a summer flavor that’s something like a sorbet.”

“The alcohol by volume is 6.25 percent per pint, about the same as a high-proof porter beer. The alcohol creates a lower freezing point, so the ice cream is never rock hard; it’s the perfect consistency right out of the freezer. In fact, we provide a specialty freezer to most of the stores that sell our ice cream because the pints need to be a little colder than what a standard freezer can do.”

Beyond straight-from-the- tub
“There are endless ways to use the ice cream. You can make cocktails and adult milkshakes, top apple pie and pancakes with Maple Bourbon or add a scoop of Irish Coffee to a glass of Bailey’s or Kahlua.”

Alcohol-infused ice cream available at liquor stores across the Front Range.

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