Family Life, Back in Order

Living organized can feel impossible when there are kids at home—unless, that is, you have a battery of tools to keep everyday chores (grocery shopping, finding a sitter, taking the kids to the park) running like clockwork. These seven apps, several created in Colorado, will help get things in order. Excuse us—we’ve got some downloading to do. 


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To go to the doctor or not to go to the doctor—that is the question when the kids catch a bad bug. Children’s Hospital Colorado mobile guide can get you answers in minutes. The “symptom decision chart” shows care recommendations, including at-home remedies. Call your family doctor and 911 directly from the app, and store a list of family medications and allergies. 
free on iOS and Android
Consider Cozi, an all-in-one organizer, your family command center. Create a color-coded calendar, make to-do lists and shopping lists, store recipes, see days at a glance, make a family photo journal, and more. 
free on iOS and Android
Need a new park? A list of more than 740 in the metro area are at your fingertips with this app, including photos and, with the paid version, driving and walking directions, ratings, pools, dog parks, and more.
$3 on iOS
Parents, this calendar is just for you. This app helps you combine all of your separate schedules (work, kids, play) into one easy-to-use system. Add calendars from other places directly into the app (iCloud, Google, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, and more), switch between multiple calendars, show them all at once, create reminders, invite friends to specific events, add locations from the web, and more. 
$50 for Mac, $5 for iPhone and Apple Watch, $10 for iPad; on iOS
This Castle Rock app makes meal planning easy—really easy. Created by mom Suzanne Hayen, Let’s Be Chefs sends allergy- and dietary-friendly dinner recipes to users each week. Add recipes to the app’s grocery store list with one click, and the ingredients will be organized by store aisle. Tell the app what time you would like to eat dinner and it will alert you when it’s time to start cooking. As you try various recipes, the app will start sending ideas to you based on your tastes. Have picky eaters? Hayen’s son tests every meal. If he won’t eat it, it doesn’t get added to the app.
$7 on iOS and Android
Meet the ultimate digital chore chart. You create scheduled chores through this parent app, which are then assigned to the kids via two different kids’ apps: ChoreMonster, for ages 4–12, and Landra, for ages 13 and up. Assign points for each task so the kids can earn in-app goodies or treats you set. 
free on iOS and Android
Last-minute meeting? Dying for a date night? UrbanSitter is a one-stop shop for babysitters and nannies, each approved through a multi-step process. Post a sitting job, set up interviews, read reviews from people in the area, and, when you’re home, pay through the app, too. Sitters typically reply in three minutes or less for last-minute requests. 
$20 per month; on iOS and Android

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