September Food News


Courtesy Sushi-Rama

Ever wonder how sushi chefs plate up a perfect roll every single time? We’ve got the answer—at least for Ken Wolf and Jeff Osaka’s SUSHI-RAMA. The team, which just opened a third location in Lone Tree, gets a little help from 410 Nigiri and 865 Maki, rice printing machines. “We pour in prepared sushi rice and, for sushi roll sheets, it’s separated and pressed evenly by rollers into a mold,” Osaka says. The 865 Maki can make 1,300 sheets an hour that are slightly warmed—the ideal temperature, Osaka says. “A misconception is that fish should be really cold and rice should be at room temperature, but warm rice and room temperature fish is really the proper way.”

Now that’s the sweet stuff! David Myers founded Boulder’s REDSTONE MEADERY in 2001 with his flagship “Black Raspberry Nectar” to introduce Coloradans to the world’s most ancient alcoholic beverage: honey wine. Redstone has since grown into one of the nation’s premier meaderies, winning numerous awards and distributing its offerings far and wide. Best of all, because honey acts as its own natural preservative, Redstone uses no sulfites or additives in its products. Cheers!


Courtesy Nine dot Arts

98 Years since historic Windsor Dairy company first occupied the block.
5 Minutes to Dairy Block from Union Station, on foot.
715 Number of art pieces found throughout Dairy Block.
16 Number of concepts in chef Frank Bonanno’s food hall, Milk Market.
3 Number of interactive art installations in the alleyway.
172 Number of rooms in Dairy Block’s Maven Hotel.
8 Number of businesses with (enviable) office space in Dairy Block.
0 Number of other “activated” alleyways in Denver.

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