Seven Days, Seven Colorado Craft Brews

Not quite ready to go back to your usual brews after the Great American Beer Festival and Oktoberfest? These seven Colorado craft beers—one for every day of the week—are some favorites of Scott Kerkmans, a professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver and director of its Brewing Industry Operations program. Kerkmans is one of the world’s first five certified cicerones (a highly coveted beer credential), so you can bet these brews are all they’re hopped up to be.


Avery Brewing Co. Tweak
“Mondays can be tough, so I say start the week off right with an intense beer—this one has a 16 percent ABV.”
Tasting notes: “This bourbon-barrel-aged brew starts with rich coffee flavors, then finishes with a hint of warmth from the alcohol content.”


Paradox Beer Company Skully Salty Lemons (AKA Skully Barrel No. 59)
“Make one of the most boring days of the week the most interesting with this incredibly tasty sour,” featuring Meyer lemons, Himalayan pink salt, and black peppercorns.
Tasting notes: “Moderately sour tastes blend with salt to make for a clean, refreshing finish.”


Great Divide Titan IPA
“Conquer hump day with the most popular style of craft beer in the country.”
Tasting notes: “This IPA has classic citrus hop aromas and plenty of bitterness to counter the strong malt.”


Bull & Bush Brewery Royal Oil
“Intense beers are also a great way to start ramping up for the weekend. Careful how many you drink, though.” Royal Oil’s ABV content clocks in at 12.5 percent.
Tasting notes: “This rich and complex brew has been aged for months in bourbon barrels, so you’ll get plenty of vanilla, tobacco, and caramel notes.”


Funkwerks Raspberry Provincial
“End the week with something light and refreshing, AKA this brew.”
Tasting notes: “With a lower ABV and a refreshing kick from natural raspberries, this farmhouse ale tastes like the end of summer.”


Tivoli Brewing Company Helles Lager
“There may not be a better lawnmower beer (or college football lounge beer) for Saturday afternoon than this one. It’s the perfect blend of refreshing and smooth.”
Tasting notes: “A clean lager like this has minimal hop flavors and a crisp yeast profile to complement the mild yet intriguing malt taste.”


Crooked Stave Surette Provision Saison
“After a week of drinking beer, it is nice to finish with something refreshing. Crooked Stave makes some of the best sour beers in the country, and this tart saison is one of the finest.”
Tasting notes: “It has peppery flavors along with refreshing citrus notes, but the sour finish will leave you wanting another, and another….”

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