What’s Their Secret?

Step up your game with these products, approved by some of Denver’s finest barbers.


Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula, $22
“This product softens whiskers and has a clean feel, yet doesn’t coat the skin with a fragrance.” —Al Urbanowski

American Crew Molding Clay, $18
“This diverse product works great in groomed styles as well as textured cuts. It’s high-hold, medium- shine, and has a clean natural fragrance.” —Al Urbanowski

Aveda Men Pure-Formance Thickening Paste, $25
“We recommend this product for a few reasons: It gives a great look, smells earthy, but above all it’s natural.” —Semion Kikirov

El Patron Black Seed Beard Oil, $21
“Men really like this one. Shaving oil gives a smooth shave while beard oil completes the experience. It is very dry in Colorado, and the beard oil keeps the skin moist; otherwise, men develop red spots on their skin.” —Semion Kikirov

Reuzel Grooming Tonic, starts at $7
“I use this for anything! It can be a pre-blow dry agent that leaves a nice natural hold, or even an after-product applied for a light hairspray-like hold. It works for everything and smells super bomb.” —Gabriel Maestas

Layrite Matte Cream, starts at $9
“Layrite makes great overall products, but this one seems to work for everyone. I think nowadays, people are leaning more towards a hold that is dry but still firm enough to get you through the day. This does exactly that. It’s low shine and can work for any hairstyle.” —Gabriel Maestas




Gabriel Maestas, who works at Denver’s Bellwether barbershop, recently took first place at AJ’s All-American Barber Showcase for a kid’s pompadour haircut.

Al Urbanowski, founder and owner of Al’s Barbershop on Larimer Square, has been cutting and styling hair for more than 30 years.

Semion Kikirov is a fourth-generation barber who opened up his own barbershop, Semion— Barbershop for All, in 2011.

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