A Place for Everything

Whatever your style—subtly wintry or full-on Christmas— these place settings from T is for Table will make your holiday dinners look ultra-inviting—even before the food arrives.


Photography by Cassandra Stiltner

1. Skyros “Linho” placemat in gray, $32; 2. Arte Italica “Fine 229” Grey Charger, $65; 3. Arte Italica “Giulietta” dinner plate, $58; 4. Arte Italica “Giuletta” salad plate, $45; 5. Arte Italica “Giuletta” cereal bowl, $45; 6. Deborah Rhodes “Forest Feather” napkin ring, $36; 7. Crown Linen Designs “Checkered Ruffle” napkin, $20; 8. Arte Italica “Elena” five-piece pewter flatware set, $280; 9. Arte Italica “Sabrina” water/wine glass, $74

The creative mind behind these beautiful place settings—Laura Tarket-Johnson, owner of the home décor store T Is for Table at the Streets of Southglenn shopping center—offered these tips for making your own holiday table(s) spectacular:

“Start by looking for something that gives you inspiration. For example, for the place setting (bottom of page), it was the actual branches we used around the edge. That led to a whole seaside theme.”

Another good starting point: the linens. “Often a table runner or placemat or tablecloth will provide the spark in terms of theme or coloration.”

If you want to update things without buying a whole new set of dishes, Tarket-Johnson suggests adding a beautiful salad or dessert plate to “pop your table.”

Other easy options: changing out your linens (placemats, napkins, runners) or adding a sparkly napkin ring. Remember, Tarket-Johnson says: Nobody is judging.

“People are just excited to come to your home and enjoy a meal with family and friends. The personal touches you add just help the conversation and keep things feeling warm.”


T is for Table Xmas place setting

1. Chilewich “bamboo” place mat in China, $15; 2. Arte Italica “Gemma” charger in red, $75; 3. Arte Italica “Natale” dinner plate, $62; 4. Arte Italica “Natale” salad plate, $47; 5. Arte Italica “Natale” small round baker, $65; 6. Capdeco “Diana” 5-piece place setting, $160; 7. Deborah Rhodes “Washed Fringe” napkin in red, $19; 8. Pine/berry wreath, $36; 9. Arte Italica “Rosa” wine glass, $160; 10. Bodrum “Piper” marble napkin ring, $9


T is for Table place setting

1. Bodrum “Pearls” placemat, $32; 2. Costa Nova “Alentejo” charger, $42; 3. Costa Nova “Pearl” Cocoa dinner plate, $26; 4. Mariposa white alabaster salad bowl, $18; 5. Deborah Rhodes “Resort” two-tone napkin, $25; 6. Bodrum “Mineral Bloom” in silver, $13; 7. Ricci “Spirale” five-piece place setting, $85; 8. Michael Wainwright “Ile De Re” platinum wine stem, $40.