Be Our Guest

They say, ‘Build it and they will come,’ but in the case of these functional and fun guest rooms, the opposite rang true.


Photography by Ron Rusico

We’ve got guests coming—but no good rooms to host them in. That’s what these Arvada homeowners thought when they got a call that a family of seven was coming to pay them a visit last summer. They’d been methodically remodeling the main spaces of their home with Tennille Wood of Beautiful Habitat since buying it in 2014, but the guest rooms hadn’t made the priority list quite yet. Now it was time to get to work.

“To make these two rooms welcoming for visitors, we focused on function, including storage and seating separate from the bed,” Wood says. In the queen bed guest room— what Wood calls the “aloha room”—they made space for a Bungalow Bridgette dresser large enough for guests to unpack in and a “grey” checkered Rowe Furniture armchair. To accommodate those who opt for the Rowe Furniture Martin queen sleeper sofa, Wood found Bungalow Odom side tables large enough to serve as proper nightstands. “Each guest room has a nice mirror, too,” she says.

“Each space is fun and inviting” with bright colors, interesting patterns, and great artwork, Wood adds. “The wife of this couple loves the coral and blue color palette. In the aloha room we were able to use the hues in a more whimsical way. The Studio Artique artwork in the sofa sleeper space was a big hit, too. I love the plaid fabric on that sofa because it’s still neutral in a lot of ways, but makes the space feel lighthearted. I appreciate that all of the stripes line up from the cushions to the frame.”

Why a sofa sleeper? Why not, when you only have guests a few nights a year, says Wood. “We made a space the homeowners could use as a reading and relaxation area when they have no guests—and now I want to do this in my home too. It makes a more useful, functional place for the homeowner year-round. Plus this room is right across the hall from the aloha room: If it’s not being used as a sleeping space, it can be an extra private place for guests.”

We just might choose the sleeper sofa: The room has a walkout door and small patio, perfect for enjoying the knockout view. Adds Wood: “The view is part of what sold the homeowners on this home.”

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