We Tried It: Shred415


Shred415. Photo by Andrea Austin

Everyone’s workout routine is different. Some prefer yoga, others prefer kickboxing. I stick with what’s most comfortable—walking everyday and going to the gym a few times a week. This can be monotonous for both my body and mind, so I’ve been eager to find something that will leave me feeling invigorated. I decided a new fitness studio would be the perfect place to try out a new workout, so I gave Shred415 a shot.

The class description, “high-intensity interval training,” had me worried. What if I couldn’t keep up with the others or I collapsed halfway through from exhaustion? Our instructor, Lo Tieri, helped ease my worries by insisting that we could move at our own pace and that modifications were always offered if needed.

As the room became dark and uptempo music beat away, my worries turned to excitement. “Start with whatever you don’t want to end with,” said Tieri. Half the class stayed on the floor, while the other half and I started on the treadmill with running technique drills. (If you don’t feel like jogging or running, you can walk.) We warmed up with intervals, and Tieri told us how much to increase our incline and pace, whether it be as little as .1 or .5. It was never a drastic amount, which enabled me (an inexperienced runner) to complete the first 15 minutes of the class without fainting. I stepped off the tread feeling accomplished and confident. Was this the runner’s high everyone always talks about?

Next was 15 minutes of floor work, including strength training and cardio bursts. Squats, burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, oh my. My body was beginning to resist, but I pushed through, eager to get back on the treadmill. I was halfway through the class, and though I was sweaty and my cheeks were beet-red, I felt good. Another 15-minute treadmill drill began, beginning steep and fast and ending flat and slow. 

After 45 minutes, I was exhausted and knew that the last 15 minutes of floor work would be the most challenging part of the class, but I pushed through. I couldn’t quite keep up with everyone else, but I completed more than I thought I was capable of and ended the class with a pat on the back.

In addition to the signature 60-minute Total Body class, there are Double Deck (floor only), Total Body Express (45 minutes), Arms and Abs, and Butt and Legs. The space also has a ShredKids Lounge with books and toys for kids ages 6 weeks to 13 years old so you can sweat without worrying about the little ones.

“Original shredder unlimited month” packages are $149; there are also 8 classes/month packages for $109. Five-, 10-, and 20-class packages are also available, ranging from $120 to $400.

“You can burn 500-1,200 calories each class,” says Tieri, and after three days I could still feel the burn in muscles I didn’t even know I had. But I’ll be back at Shred415, ready to feel invigorated once again.

Shred415 is at 6305 E Hampden Ave, Suite 102.

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