What’s Their Secret?

It’s time to turn your winter locks from brittle to glossy. Here, three experts offer their go-to hydrating products. 

Goldwell DualSenses Blondes and Highlights Mask
, $13.15
“Blonde hair tends to feel less light and bright since it’s under hats often and the sun doesn’t stay out as long. This 60-second mask helps keep the color looking toned, nonbrassy, and conditioned.” —Dani Everson

Oribe Cream
Oribe Supershine moisturizing cream
, $52 for 5 oz.
“The Supershine moisturizing cream is a luxurious leave-in conditioner that’s packed with everything dry hair could ever want: It makes hair shiny and free of frizz, works like a thermal protectant, and offers U.V. protection.” — Sherry Velarde

Kevin Murphy Young Again Mask
Kevin Murphy Young. Again.Masque
, $56 for 6.7 oz.
“A deep-conditioning treatment during winter can help your hair regulate its essential oils and regain some much-needed volume. The Young. Again.Masque has a restorative blend of amino acids and moisture rich essential oils. The Kevin Murphy brand is also cruelty free and all of their bottles are made of recycled ocean plastic.” —Sherry Velarde

Kevin Murphy Young again 2
Kevin Murphy Young. Again oil
, $42
“It’s always a good idea to seal the deal after a blowout with a lightweight oil, especially in ‘static season.’ Kevin Murphy’s Young. Again oil is my first choice: Its lightweight shine penetrates the hair instead of sitting on top, which can create heaviness.” —Tara Nalty

Kerastase Reflection
Kerastase Reflection Bain Chromatique Riche shampoo
, $30
“This multi-protecting shampoo neutralizes harsh water chemicals, creates vibrancy and shine, provides U.V. filtering against the sun and other harsh free radicals, and is perfect for all hair types.” —Tara Nalty

Dry Me Powder
Design.ME PowerDry.ME
, starts at $10
PowerDry.ME speeds blow-drying time by 50 percent while conditioning and smoothing. The (quick) result is soft and bouncy.” —Dani Everson

Bumble and Bumble
Bumble & Bumble Save the Day
, starts at $25
“This lightweight serum has antioxidants that repair past damage and prevent future damage. It also has U.V. protectant, so ski bunnies don’t have to worry about damaging hair on the slopes.” —Dani Everson


Dani Everson
DANI EVERSON founded Clementine’s Salon with her husband, John Everson, in 2011. The salon has since been named one of the best in the nation.

Oxford Club Tara Nalty
joined The Oxford Club, Spa & Salon stylist team two years ago. She has been a “hairapist” for 15 years.

HSUS Fundraising dinner for Prairie Dog Coalition
, owner of Jefferson Park’s Deseo Salon & BlowDry, has been styling locks for more than 13 years.

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