Q&A: The Inventing Room’s Ian Kleinman on Dessert Magic


S’more Tart
Courtesy of the Inventing Room

Willy Wonka’s spirit has come to Denver and inspired magical confections for The Inventing Room Dessert Shop. Whether it’s exploding whipped cream that allows you to breathe smoke like a dragon, or magic chocolate that instantly freezes into unique shapes.

We sat down with Ian Kleinman, head chef and co-owner of the unique dessert shop, to get a look into the mind of the man behind the magic.

What makes the Inventing Room different from other dessert shops?

The attention to whimsy. For us, it’s about making everybody feel like a kid again, no matter if you’re a kid or you’re a grumpy 55-year-old man. We love to change everyone back into a kid again.

What inspired you to start these pop-ups?

We got a little too busy so decided we wanted to shut down and focus on catering during the winter and the dessert shop during the summer, when it’s a little bit busier. Now that it’s not a daily operation, we can have fun doing things we’ve wanted to try. We’re kind of stepping out of what we regularly do. And that’s fun for us.

Talk about your Donut Pop-Up. What makes it so fun?

We have been doing a donut pop-up shop for about 10 years in Denver. We do about 10 different kinds of donuts. We try to keep some of the favorites and change some of them up. All of our made-to-order donuts are Long Johns, which we split, fill with pastry creams, and add bunches of fun toppings.

Your first pop-up is at the end of January. What do diners have to look forward to there?

The dinner on Jan. 23 is going to be space themed and is part of our Gobblefunk Dinner Series, which consists of a four-course dinner at the dessert shop. We pull the tables up to the counter so you can see the chefs preparing the food. What’s unique about that is we’re using all of these crazy techniques to come up with fun new textures. Lots of liquid nitrogen, and we also have a vacuum sealer and a volcano. We have lots of different toys to play with.

What are your favorite desserts to serve?

We have a superconductor that we cool with liquid nitrogen, with a magnet floating about 2” above the superconductor. We can put anything that weighs under 12 pounds on these magnets and they’ll float in mid-air. We put chocolate truffles on top, and guests come up and pick these chocolate truffles that are floating in mid-air, so that’s a super fun presentation.

My favorite dessert to make is our S’mores Tart. It’s very beautiful, and fun to make in front of people because they are always blown away by the Magic Chocolate on top.

Another popular option is our Pot of Coffee Shot, which is a whole pot of coffee reduced into a shot form. Next, we add agar so it has a Jell-O consistency. Then we top that with some coffee Pop Rocks. If you’re a coffee fan, it’s a must! We have people who come back just for the Pot of Coffee Shot, which is pretty fun.

Can you give a hint of what future pop-ups will hold?

We’re leaning towards a Harry Potter-Themed Dessert Store feature this summer.  On our last menu we had Butterbeer, which was super popular. It was made with our own spiced soda with butterscotch ice cream and Exploding Whipped Cream, and the Magic Chocolate on top. We’re going to theme out the shop, and theme out the desserts to Harry Potter, which I am really excited about.  

Any other cool ideas in the works?

We’re doing a program called Thank You, which we started with Project Angel Heart. We’re approaching organizations that primarily work with volunteers and hosting them in the dessert shop for an afternoon.   

If this sweet deal sounds appetizing, call 303-885-2802 or contact the shop.

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