Elements of Style

We went shopping at Jones + Co., a Boulder shop as creative as it is eclectic. Here’s what we found.


Photo by Kira Abelrado

Elizabeth Jones is a woman on a mission: “to find beautiful and unique things.” The longtime producer of commercial photo shoots, who opened her own store, Jones + Co. Modern Mercantile, in Boulder last fall, says she “loves to stumble across someone’s work on Instagram, in a magazine article, or through my global contacts.” The result is a shop filled with modern, handcrafted items “that have the feel and warmth of heritage and craft processes but also embody clean lines and elegance.”

Cactus vase, comes in sizes S: $25; M: $45; L: $75; XL: $220
Moroccan cactus silk pillow, 20” x 20”, $85.
Circle and Line Design bronze wall hanging No. 4, $150
Walnut and maple taper candle holders, $14–$48
Crane Cookware casserole, $230 (30 percent off all Crane cookware products)
African Warming Basket, $45
Natural woven grass floor basket, Size S: $58; M: $100; L: $150
Moroccan pouf, $125 9. Vintage Moroccan Beni Ourain-style rug, $275

2023 17th St, Boulder

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