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    Advice from Denver Life

    How to handle a boastful golf buddy on the greens. (And other advice.)

    Three Questions about the Da Vinci exhibit

    Steve Nash, senior curator of archaeology at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, discusses one of the most popular exhibits in years: "Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius."

    Five Rules for Enjoying a Show at Red Rocks

    How to do concerts right at the iconic venue.

    The Art of the Bespoke Bicycle

    Built on the premise that high-end bicycles should be as unique as their riders, Boulder's Mosaic Cycles makes each bike from scratch, with no two the same.

    Old-Fashioned Summer Games for Kids

    These tried-and-true games will make any summer day even better for the little ones.

    Pets: Ask Dr. Kev

    How should you exercise your pup in the heat? Are raisins really toxic for dogs? A Denver vet offers his advice.

    On the Job: Congress Park Pool Lifeguard

    24-year-old Gabriel Larson has been swimming since he was a kid. Now he keeps others safe at Denver's largest public pool.

    Taking the High (Tech) Road

    In spite of what Uber and Google may claim, fully autonomous cars are still a faraway dream. but that doesn’t mean car tech isn’t making significant strides every year. here are some cool new features you can find on the market right now.

    Downtown Creede

    The crown jewel of this onetime silver mining town is its summer repertory theater—but there’s lots more to enjoy while you’re there.

    Field Day

    Liz Berlin is one of just a few people left in the country who manage major-league baseball scoreboards the old-fashioned way, by hanging physical panels with numbers and letters.