• Photo credit: Woody Creek Distillers

    Tasting Room

    Looking for a new way to try Woody Creek’s vodka and whiskey? Here are three easy cocktail recipes from Woody Creek’s menu that are great for summer.
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  • Eat & Drink

  • Photography: Alex Lau

    The Natural

    From apprenticeships at Front Range restaurants as a teenager to snagging a $100,000 cooking show prize, Chef Gabe Kennedy is poised to take on the culinary world.
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  • Tender Tentacles: The Spanish octopus is a must. Photography: Annette Slade Photography

    Small Space, Big Flavors

    How often does the chef greet you when you walk in the door to a restaurant? And how often do you feel right at home the instant you sit down? To the Wind on East Colfax Avenue is that kind of place.
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  • Bison is best when grilled medium rare. Photography: Annette Slade Photography

    Holding Down the Fort

    The greatest legacy parents can pass on to their children isn’t wealth or fame; it’s character. Sam Arnold did that for his daughter when he opened The Fort in Morrison in 1963.
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  • Buckhorn Exchange

    Spirits of the Old West

    In the lawless Old West, saloons were more than just watering holes for cowboys. They offered a respite to catch up on news, gamble away a few hard earned coins and, of course, drink beer and whiskey.
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  • Perrys fove-rib pork chop, served with whipped potatoes and applesauce, is carved table-side. Photography: Annette Slade Photography

    Power Dining

    Some say a business meal isn’t about the food–it’s about the chase or the seduction that leads to an eventual negotiation as you dine. But if that were really the case, why not just get it over with?
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