• Miso Ramen Bowl. Photography: Annette Slade Photography


    Though his humble nature prevents him from agreeing on reaching a superior level of enlightenment, TOKIO’s owner and Chef Miki Hashimoto is in the right livelihood.
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  • Acorns Southeast Visions with blackberries, coconut water, grenadine, lemon and aromatic bitters. Photography: Annette Slade Photography

    Don’t Call Me Shirley

    It’s time to give the mocktail some respect. After years of being relegated to the kid’s table, no- and low-alcohol drinks are the adult thing to do, especially for health seekers, expectant mothers and designated drivers.
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  • Angry Zengo Roll with tuna, wasabi tobiko, avocado, cucumber and sesame sambal aioli and a Mimosa. Photography: Annette Slade Photography

    Zengo’s Weekend Brunch

    During the holidays, there is a never-ending revolving door of weekend houseguests and “let’s get together” requests. It is hard to please everyone; brunch is the perfect solution.
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  • Sugarmill's A Taste of Caramel, which includes a Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Tart, Butterscotch Pudding, Toffee Ice Cream and a Chocolate Caramel Turtle. Photography: Annette Slade Photography

    Holiday Desserts

    It’s a sweet time of year when a little indulgence is expected. You could tie on an apron and turn up the oven, or turn to these chefs who will spoil you richly with butter, cream, sugar and chocolate.
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