• Odells 5 Barrel Pale Ale will be on tap along with Oktoberfest, Myrcenary IPA, 90 Shilling and a few new brews on September 19-20. Photography: Annette Slade Photography

    O’zapft is!

    Bavarians call it die Weisen, most Germans call it Oktoberfest, and Americans well, we just call it a good time. This September Lowry Beer Garden will tap the kegs and declare O’zapft is.
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  • Eat & Drink

  • Grilled Beef Coulotte with wood-roasted mushrooms, shishito peppers and bordolaise. Photography: Annette Slade Photography

    The Nickel

    Though The Nickel is shiny and new, this new space in the historic Hotel Teatro feels well seasoned. It evokes a maturity that says, “We know Colorado, and this is it.”
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  • Curtis Park Deli's The Curtis sandwich with Nimon Ranch corned beef and Five Points Fermentation sauerkraut. Photography: Annette Slade

    Between Two Slices

    Summer days call for a great sandwich, a shady patio and a tall drink. The best Denver offers between two slices of bread can be found in some of the city’s best food neighborhoods: Highlands, Uptown and Wash Park.
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  • Bit O' Honey with Corralejo tequila, Campari, lemon juice and honey syrup. Photography: Annette Slade Photography

    A Toast to Denver’s Rails

    Since its inception, the city of Denver has been a story of trade trails and iron rails. Now that the reopening of Union Station has put the steam back in our love of railroads, it’s time to raise a glass or two to the places and faces that pay tribute to the train.
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  • East Coast Scallops with potato confit, chorizo, fresno pepper and corn broth. Photography: Annette Slade Photography

    Put Twelve on Your Monthly Calendar

    Two cold glasses of French chenin blanc appeared with a perfectly pink duck Rillette dotted with a sliver of radish, the smallest carrot I’ve ever seen, purple flax flowers and some other edible floral buds that I didn’t recognize. We coated slabs of bread with the country pate while taking in the room.
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  • Illustration by Lisa Haney

    Colorado Farms

    For restaurant-owners and chefs, even if the food is locally sourced, it’s no longer as easy as calling a supplier and waiting for the backdoor delivery in a few days’ or weeks’ time.
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  • Some of High Point Creamery's favorite flavors. Top row from left: Lime yogurt, basil with blackberry swirl and strawberry. Bottom row from left: Blueberry lemon, milk chocolate and vanilla bean. Photography: Annette Slade Photography

    Chill Out Denver

    Creamy, dreamy ice cream is the best way to beat the summer heat. Denver’s ice cream scene is better than ever with some new shops and old favorites. Order a triple scoop and take in the best of summer with these three shops.
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  • Smoked Scottish Salmon Salad with frisee, charred lemon and a crushed caper vinaigrette.

    The Plimoth

    The story of the Mayflower landing at Plymouth Rock is about humble folk taking an extraordinary leap of faith to settle in an unknown territory. The same story can be said for Denver’s new restaurant, The Plimoth.
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