• INstructor, Kris Hjelle, of Colorado Alpine  Desert Adventures, rappels down a rock face on the Lemon Squeezer route, a half-day trek introducing clients to the fundamentals of canyoneering. Photography: Ted Alan Stedman

    Learning the Ropes

    We’re in a narrow sandstone slot not more than 18 inches wide. It’s dark and cool here, yet I can see the blazing sunlight of the 90-degree day some 40 feet above. Thankfully, I’m not a claustrophobic
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  • Outdoors

  • Originally designed to be longer, this hole got truncated by the road built behind it. Photography: Telluride Ski & Golf Resort

    Dream 18

    The world may know Colorado for its epic snow sports, but another, leafier feature of our fair state is snagging headlines these days. And we’re not talking legalized marijuana; we’re talking golf.
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  • Goat packer Steve Galchutt on the trail in Pike National Forest with Barley (left) and Acorn.

    Pack Mentality

    It’s a brilliant, warm day in Pike National Forest, perfect for hiking the roller coaster foothills northwest of Colorado Springs.
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  • Book a hot air balloon ride and take in Pagosas scenic views. Photography: Pagosa Springs Tourism

    Steeped in Charm

    I think it’s about time that we give a little credit where it’s due. Colorado is full of so many gorgeous places that both locals and tourists alike love to visit.
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  • Running Through Your Mind

    For runner and yoga practitioners, there are those moments when running the next mile or bending into the next pose seems tedious at its best and unbearable at its worst.
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