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    The City’s Best Watermelon Salad

    Bar Dough’s annual Watermelon Salad is back.

    Dining Out: Gaku Ramen and Buffalo Rose

    Japanese noodles done right and a community landmark, refreshed

    Happy Hour Hunter: Panzano

    Head to this neighborhood favorite for great deals on drinks and food.

    Build the Perfect Crudités Platter

    This free-form crudités platter is a beautiful way to display this month’s bounty.

    The Perfect Cucumber Cocktail

    Go to a local farmers market (or your own backyard!) for the cucumbers to supply this refreshing recipe from Kisbee On The Roof.

    Summer’s Yummiest Fruit Tarts

    These rustic galettes are bursting with flavor and charm. Don’t let their elegant looks deceive you; they’re easy to make with our simple tips.

    Made for Mole

    Que Bueno Suerte chef Ivan Ceballos loves his clay pot. When it's on the stove, everyone in the kitchen knows there's mole on the way.
    Image of mole

    Que Bueno Suerte Chef Ivan Ceballos’ Luscious Molé Recipe

    The main ingredient for molé, according to Que Bueno Suerte chef Ivan Ceballos, doesn't show up on the long list for this recipe. It's patience.
    Image of bubbly

    Pairing corn with wine? A few suggestions

    Potager owner-chef Paul Warthen accepted our challenge to create a four-course menu featuring Olathe sweet corn, so, naturally, wife Eileen, a certified sommelier, stepped up with wine pairings. It wasn't easy, but here are Eileen Warthen's wine-with-corn picks, with comments.

    Buttered, Salted & Beloved: Our Ode to Corn

    Corn: It's not summer in Colorado until Olathe Sweet Corn comes to market